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Tips For Planning Your Goals

Dreams are fun aren’t they? I put goals up there with dreams a lot of time. Honestly I’m the kind of girl who has to dial it back a bit when it comes to goals or I’ll end up feeling overwhelmed. But funny enough, I love writing up huge lists of dreams and goals that I want to have accomplished by last week. 

Yep, you read that correct. Not meaning that I actually want to go back in time and somehow have things accomplished in the past by a time in the future. Now that’s getting way more confusing than it should be. I overdo myself when it comes to all the things I want to accomplish and honestly, it’s not doable. The worst thing I think is that when you set yourself up for this disaster, you feel really deflated like you won’t ever accomplish anything. And that’s not true, it’s just because you didn’t set yourself up for success while you were setting your goals.

I remember in middle school a teacher asked us to write out all our dreams and goals. I filled a sheet of paper with things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, and other magnificent things I wanted to do. At the beginning of the class, a kid in piped up and asked “What if you don’t know what to write?” In my middle school mind, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. How could they not have goals or dreams? 

I know that setting goals for the future so you can reach your goals can be hard so stay with me here. I will help you brainstorm your goals for your life here.

All you have to do is get a notebook and write down these three categories:

1. Physically 

2. Mentally

3. Spiritually

4. Creatively 

Now, under each of those I want you to push yourself to come up with a minimum of 5 areas/things you want to improve about yourself and your life?

After that I want you to ask yourself this “What do I need to do in order to make this really happen.”

So if I listed I want to lose weight under the “Physically” spot then I’d list out 5 things that I’d have to do in order to lose weight. I’d have to ask myself how much weight I want to lose so I know how far I have to go. I’d write down 1. Work out every day for 30 minutes. 2. Cut out excessive sugar. 3. Only have 1 portion of something sweet a day. 4. Get 8 hours of sleep. 5. Drink at least half my body weight in ounces a day.

Then you’ll sort of know where you need to go from here.

Next step: SMART goals 

I want to help you set SMART goals that won’t become a list of things you want to have done by last week. In the past, I remember reading books about setting SMART goals and rolling my eyes thinking that this didn’t really work. They do work though. Setting aside time to actually set goals like this will help you achieve your goals. I didn’t create the SMART goal system, but a man named Paul Meyer did. 

Here are some things to think about when it comes to setting goals a smart way:

S – A goal should be Specific. If it’s vague, you’ll never know exactly what you need to accomplish to mark a goal as done. One of my goals this year, was to workout every single day for just a minimum of 30 mins. 

M – You’ll also want to make sure that your goals are Measurable. In order for a goal to be measurable, you must be able to track it. For example, as a writer, I write books. So for the book I’m currently writing I can say “I am going to write 1,000 words everyday during the week.” Then since I can track it, it is a measurable goal.

A – It’s also important for your goal to be Actionable, which means that you’ll always know what you need to do next to finish your project/goal. Something that always helps me do this is by writing down the goal and then listing out the steps that will need to be done in order to call this project done. Then you’ll know all the steps that you have to accomplish. That makes your goal actionable so you can get it done.

R – You’ll want to make sure your goal is Relevant. Since my health has been quite important to me, my husband and I did the Whole30 plan. It’s not a diet, but is basically a 30 day challenge to help you figure out how certain foods affect you. This plan was relevant to where we were at that time in our lives. We wanted to eat healthier so that worked perfectly. 

T – It’s a good thing for a goal to be Timely. In other words, when I’m writing my books, even before I’ve started writing them I need to sit down and figure out some things. I figure out when they will publish so I can figure out when I need to be done writing them. This also helps because I know when I need to send them to critique readers and editors, as well as when to send to print. A trick I use for figuring this out, is by starting in the future with when you want the project to be completely done. So for an author that would be when the book publishes. Write that date down. Then work yourself forward to where you are now and you’ll have a timely step-by-step goal of what you need to have accomplished to reach the end.

Whenever you sit down to figure out your goals make sure you go over those five-step system to make sure those goals are doable. You’ll be a lot less likely to feel like a failure if you stick to keeping your goals specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely. 

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