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How To Get Back On Track With Your Goals After Being Sick

Today I wanted to chat about what you can do to get back on track with your goals after being sick. I hate being sick. You almost get this you would have to die to get better feeling, which is awful. Plus, I struggle to work through being sick — so I can’t read because my eyes get all dried and they hurt. So that puts reading or writing out of question.

As you all know, my husband and I had the Rona virus at the beginning of February. I wrote a past blog post about what we did to get over it here. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I sometimes struggle to get back on the wagon with my goals. Sometimes after being sick, I need time to just sit and binge watch a TV series. *Guilty*

But after all that, I wanted to share what you can do to get back on track.

Get Out Your Trusty Notebook

I’ve always felt powerful with a notebook in my hands. Probably similar to how a knight felt holding his sword. Well, maybe not exactly the same, but I always felt like I could figure out anything as long as I could write it out. I still remember brainstorming how to improve things in my life in a notebook during class in college. Being able to figure it out gave me a sense of peace.

Once you have your notebook out just make a list. This list will be all the things you want to get done to reach your goals. Just continue making a list. It can include goals for work, school, parenting, your marriage, and more. But the point is, writing it all down.

Pick One Goal To Focus On First

Look over your list and circle 5 goals that you’d like to focus on. But then pick the ONE you want to focus on first. Narrowing down on one goal at a time is important so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Take that goal and write it on top of an empty page and fill that page with action steps or tasks that you need to accomplish in order to make that goal a reality and not just a thought. Write the steps it will take to make it happen.

For example: Mine might be “Finish current WIP”

and then I’d write a list of actionable steps:

  1. Figure out 3-5 scenes every week.
  2. Write for 4 hours a day.
  3. Write the misbelief for main characters
  4. Write about main pov characters past to figure out there future.
  5. Once the scenes are planned, sit down and write the book.

There might be more that I’d add to the list, but the great thing about this is that if I randomly think of something else I should add, I’ll do that. That’s what I love about lists. Making them can be so helpful.

Schedule The Action Steps

Sit down with your planner. I usually start with the finished goal. When do you want to have accomplish the goal — finished it? Called it DONE?

Pick a date. Yay! Now that you have a finish date in mind work your way back to today. If you need to push your finish day further away to make your goal achievable, don’t feel bad to do that as well. We want to make sure our goals are SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based)


Now that you have your action plan scheduled and in the books, it’s time to get to work. Make sure you show up for yourself and your goals every day. If you take a break, make sure it’s a planned break in your schedule. Every day that you inch forward on your goals, you are making progress. And progress over time reaches finished goals — leaving you feeling accomplished.

Want Something To Help You Finish Your Projects?

I love love love worksheets and they are so helpful to have when you are trying to make a plan to accomplish your goals and FINISH your projects. It’s totally doable, but you just have to stay focused. I created The Project Planner and it’s been so helpful for me when planning my projects, coming up with action steps, milestones, and tasks to help you finish those projects. There’s no time like NOW.

Get your copy of The Project Planner Here!

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