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Flash Fiction: Whispers

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Flash Fiction | 0 comments

My heartbeat fluttered frantically in my chest as I burst into the area of the train station where I’d catch the subway that goes to my college. The arrival time blinked on the screen and that calmed me. I hadn’t missed it. I worried I had, since I’d slept in too long. I still had a few minutes.

It was my first week in town and I didn’t know anyone yet. People moved around me from the last subway almost like they were a part of a giant wave. My stomach turned and twisted as I squeezed through them to find a spot to sit. Honestly, I would have given anything to be home with my grandparents cows in the green pasture. To breathe the fresh air and watch the grass whirl in the wind.

I squeezed my tote bag tightly against my chest and sighed. It would only be a few months till Thanksgiving and then I could go back to enjoy the countryside. The city was a huge change from that little farm for this country girl.

“What’s wrong?” A kind sounding man whispered.

My pulsed picked up. Why would someone whisper in a loud station like this? I slowly turned my head in the direction of his voice, but no one sat next to me. I looked around and it made me feel even crazier because there was actually no one in close enough proximity for me to hear them whisper. I titled my head wondering if I was starting to hear voices when I heard it again.

“You aren’t crazy, I’m just Drew, the station ghost. Nobody hears me. I get pretty lonely here, but thought you looked like you needed a friend.”

I smiled softly, but this made me worry even more. I’d chance it though. I looked around and no one was watching me, “This is so weird, you’re sure I’m not going crazy?”

“Crazy? Nope.” I could hear him chuckle a bit.

“Well, to answer your question, nothing extreme is wrong, but I’m just homesick.”

“Homesick for what?”

“I lived with my grandparents on a beautiful farm in the country and now I’m going to college in the city so it’s a hard change!”

“I can see how that would be hard.” He didn’t sound very old. Honestly he sounded my age or a little older.

“Why are you stuck here?”

“I’ve been trying to find my way out of here for years but no one has heard me. Except for you!”

The subway speakers announced the last call for my train. It caused me to jump out of our conversation.

“Ohh sorry! I have to go. I can’t miss this.”

“That’s alright! But please come back again!”

“I definitely will.” I smiled and waved.

As I found a spot to sit on the subway I questioned myself, did I just wave at a ghost? I had.

Was my first friend in this new city, a ghost? He was. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell grandma that when she asked if I’d made any friends.

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