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#100DayChallenge #OperationFindVoice – Day Six

Voice I’m Studying – Dan Wells – I.E. Demon

We came up just in time to see a wrinkly green three-year old beating the living hell out of the engineers’ truck, and I want to be as clear as possible about this so there’s no misunderstanding: when I say living hell, I mean the living, breathing, ever-loving hell. He was remarkably spry, that three-year old, naked as can be and jumping around that truck like he was on springs, and everywhere he touched it the truck fell apart, burst apart. (Excerpt from I.E. Demon by Dan Wells)

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What I Wrote – 

My heart pounded inside my chest so loudly that it echoed in my ears. I could almost taste blood. I got this sneaking suspicion that they were close behind me and I didn’t want to look behind, but couldn’t help it. I know that’s always the moment in the scary movies where the people watching scream, “No!!! Don’t look! Just keep running.”  I glanced over my shoulder and didn’t see anything, but I could feel their presence. It was a spirit of terror. As I turned back in the direction I was running I stumbled on a root from a tree that had surfaced the sandy desert ground. My feet were burning from running in the black sand. It was hot, which seemed odd because it wasn’t day. I pushed myself up to my feet and dashed forward. 

The things that were following me were very short, about 2-4 feet tall, but resembled wrinkly toads. It disgusted me to my core. I could hear them yelling and speaking in a garbled speech which was foreign to my ears. If I could hear them, they weren’t far behind. Sometimes you could see them and other times you couldn’t. I feared they’d catch up to me again and overwhelm me. They wanted to hurt me. I could feel it. 

That’s when I saw the door up on a dune. It was a plain wooden door frame with chipped paint. It could have used a coat of paint, but a bright light expelled from the opening of the door. I just new I had to get there. I’d be safe.

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