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Devin Joubert

Across The Distance

Collection of Short Stories

Inspired by her own long-distance relationship, author Devin Joubert has crafted a delicious collection of short love stories filled with love letters, characters who are expats, study abroad students, and military couples.

Follow six couples through a moment in their long-distance relationship journeys.

If you love sweet romance, adventures abroad, long-distance relationships, and love letters then you’ll love this collection of short stories by Devin Joubert.

Unlock Across The Distance to take part in six adventure-filled love stories!


Devin Joubert

Devin Joubert is an author, writer, and blogger at Life Writing Wanderlust. Stories have always been at the center of her heart, believing that stories change lives. Devin (which means poet) writes contemporary, YA, historical fiction, and fantasy. She lives with her husband and her two cat sons, Loki and Luna-boy in North Dakota.

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Praise for Across The Distance: If you’ve successfully navigated a long-distance relationship, this collection of short stories will both warm your heart and remind you of the enduring power of love. If you’re in the midst of a long-distance romance these stories will encourage you and strengthen your soul. There is something for everyone in these well written stories. The author’s personal experiences have lent her the ability to write from the heart in a way that is easy to connect to. Heart-warming stories I would recommend to anyone. – Ashley Riopel


Praise for Creating The Best Me:The thing that struck me most about this book was that it was completely approachable. I really felt like I was talking to a girlfriend who was giving me good advice.

The author starts out with talking about our inner critics, we all have those lol. She compares them to the 7 deadly sins which I really liked. These sins have chapters and personalities that show us how we sabotage ourselves. – Amazon Reviewer


Praise for Creating The Best Me:I like how the author suggests creative activities to assist in improvement in physical, mental and spiritual issues. I also like how the author suggests taking one step at a time and setting aside time for relaxation and recharging.

Creating the Best Me is enjoyable, and the writing style is open and friendly. I would recommend this book. – Amazon Reviewer