How To Come Up With A Year’s Worth of Creative Blog Post Ideas

It’s never fun to feel stuck when it comes to writing your newest blog post. It can also be hard to plan a month or year’s worth of content. When that happens it feels like an Olympic sport just to get out a sentence you actually like. After a little while it feels like that blinking cursor is tormenting you.

Get rid of the curse of the blinking cursor.

And then on top of that, throw in a fast-approaching deadline. It makes it even more difficult. In a way it might feel like writer’s block. But let me tell you something — I don’t really believe there is such thing as writer’s block. It’s more of a combination of bad blog planning and procrastination. At least it is for me. I’ve collected about 200 blog prompt ideas.

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End The Curse Of The Blinking Cursor – How To Come Up With A Year Of Creative Blog Post Ideas

So, instead of being tormented by that blinking cursor, I thought I’d share some of my best tips for coming up with great blog content that your readers are going to love.

Remember if the blog writing muse pulls you in another direction, remember these are just blog ideas. Follow your audience and make sure it’s something they’d enjoy. Don’t just write about something because it’s on this list. Make sure it fits your blog and audience.

First Off, How Often Are You Going To Publish Blog Posts?

Before you figure out your your blog ideas, it’s important to decide how often you’ll be publishing content on your blog.

Blog post ideas, writing, Devin Joubert

Once you decide if you are going to publish once a week, twice a week, or twice a month it’d be good to find a day where you can sit down and bulk write the blog posts. You’ll also know how many posts you’ll need to write a week or per month.

And if you are starting out, or restarting a blog you want to keep consistently it’s good to figure out a schedule where you can write a lot of content over a short period.

Starting out, I chose to write two days in a row, for a couple hours each day. This helped me get a lot of writing out.

Great Marketing Blog Post Ideas

Here are some wonderful blog post ideas to help market your brand more creatively.

1. How’d You Get Started? And Share How You Got To Where You Are Today

This is a great way to bring your readers along for the journey. It’ll help them see how you started and how you got to where you are now. When you share this with everyone, you might even inspire someone in a direction where they will chase their dreams!

2. Share Embedded Videos To Do With Your Tribe

If you are a pro blogger or vlogger with a blog, then you could put together a list of 10 actionable videos on how to gain more followers as a vlogger. Make sure you include great tips that will help your tribe to rock what they do!

This is the video my husband and I shared when we got the invitation to come for our immigration meeting before Johan got his green card.

3. Compile A Targeted List Focused On One Topic Or Lesson You Want To Teach

Keep these blog posts focused on one topic so that you don’t overwhelm your readers. It needs to be focused and then you can tag the writers who wrote them. This is a good way to create relationships with other websites and blogs as well. Whenever I share someone’s work, I always make a point to message or contact them to let them know.

The more networking you can do, the better!

4. What Didn’t Work For You?

Sometimes things don’t work for you. You try something thinking it’s going to work, but it doesn’t.

Share these disappointments and failures. It’ll help others learn as well!

5. Make A Blog Post Out Of Your FAQs

Gather all the questions your readers have asked you. Or if you are just starting out and you haven’t gotten many questions, you can think up questions that you can imagine they’d ask about you, your product, blog, or services.

What are the different topics that people might want more clarity on?

6. Take Something That Is Unrelated To What You Write About And Marry It With Something You Write About

I did this once with a blog post I had published on The Write Practice. I took the topic of writing characters and married it with being in a complicated relationship. It worked perfectly.  I compared writing different characters to complicated relationships. (Dating relationships and friendships)

I seriously really enjoyed writing that post. You can see how writing characters is a lot like complicated relationships here.

7. Guest Post On An Influencer’s Blog Post

This can be such a wonderful way to get more people reading your blog, also helps you build authority.

You’ll want to make sure that you do your research and focus on building a relationship with the influencers as well so they know you.

Devin Joubert, Elevate

8. What Sets You Apart From Everyone Else?

When creating content it’s super important to think about what makes you different. You don’t want to be a “copy” and “paste” of someone else.

Get out your notebook:

  • Write down your competitions name and what they are good at.
  • What are they bad at? What could be improved?
  • Then write what you do well and what makes you different.
  • Think about ways you could address your competition’s weakness’s as well. Then people will come to you for that information.

Your blog theme and writing should set you apart from others and make you stand out. Make sure your theme also helps showcase your writing in the best way possible.

9. What Is The Most (Insert Adjective) Way That A Person Has Used Your Product? Or Read Your Book?

This is always a fun one. You could let your readers know that you are going to do a contest where they can submit pictures and a little write up of how they used your product or where they used it?

Something like:

The Most Adventurous Way A Person Has Used Your App


The Most Adventurous Place A Person Has Read Your Book

Plus, this is a great way to get your audience involved with your brand.

10. Interview And Focus On Some Of Your Customers Or Readers

This will make your brand stronger, but interviewing your customers or readers. It’ll show how down-to-earth and real you and your company are. It’s always nice to get more insight into who your customers are and what they like.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary!

11. Share On Social Media With A Hashtag

Create a hashtag and share it online to help build your brand. Let the picture and captions speak for themselves. This is also a great way for people to get to know you and your company more. Share behind the scenes pictures, videos, quotes from customers and employees. It helps the culture grow even more.

12. The Ultimate Guide To _______

Create an ultimate guide for something related to your industry. Your readers will be so happy that you put time aside to create that for them.

Some ideas that I’d do:

  • The Ultimate Guide To Communicating In A Long-Distance Relationship
  • The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Blog Strategy
  • The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Blog SEO Friendly

13. What Do You Enjoy Best About What You Do?

Share in a blog post about what you love most about everything you or your company does. You could even do this where each person writes a post, once a week.

14. Interview With Your Team

Interview your team members and then turn the interview into a blog post. Your readers will feel like they are closer to the people behind their favorite blog or product.

Writing, blog ideas, Devin Joubert

15. How’d You Decide To Hire Your New Employees?

What’s your step-by-step for hiring new employees? Share the different qualities that you look for and what helps you make your mind up.

16. Create A Work Like A Manifesto

Jeff Goins wrote a blog post about creating a Manifesto. He said it was a “great way to condense your message into a short, all-encompassing format.” After reading the manifesto, your readers will have a better understanding of what your main message is.

What’s your main message that you’d put in your manifesto?

  • What is my message?
  • What do I want people to know?
  • Why is my message important?

I recently created my own manifesto and called it “The Creative Rebel Manifesto” for the creative that wants to live their best life!

The Creative Rebel Manifesto, Devin Joubert

Manifestos are pretty easy to write, since they are a smaller body of work.

Creative Blog Post Ideas To Add Personality To Your Blog

17. Write A “My 31 by 31 Post”

It’s a post where you pick the number. It could be “My 31 By 31 Bucket List” or “Life Writing Wanderlust’s 19 by 2019” and in those kinds of posts you can share goals that you, your blog, or business want to have accomplished by the end of that time.

You can do it by age or by a year or even an event.

18. Include Some GIFs Into Your Post

Add GIFs to a blog post. This will help bring across some personality. You can also make your own with the app: Boomerang.




19. What Are Some Things You’d Love To Learn? Or What Are Some Books You’d Love To Read

Share your dreams and aspirations for things you’d love to learn. You could also do a post similar to this on books you’d like to read or places you’d love to visit.

20. Create A Parody-ish Blog Post

It’s fun to make people laugh with humor. I did a parody-ish style blog post with one of Taylor Swift’s songs: Shake It.

I took her song and tied writing into it. If you’d like to see it, here it is.

21. Host A Contest

And then share the results after the competition is over. Maybe even do a Facebook Live or Instagram Live post and bring your readers and followers onto the live with you.

Some Different Things To Think About (On Hosting Your Own Contest):

  • Figure out what your goal is. It’s important to have a clear goal. (Do you want more newsletter subscribers, or more people to comment on your posts?)
  • What kind of contest will it be? (Will it be a skill contest or a challenge-type contest.)

22. Use Forums To Come Up With Fresh Blog Ideas

Have you ever been on Quora before? It’s a website where people type in their questions about many different topics. It’s the perfect place to search for new blog post ideas.

When you’ve found a question or topic that would make a great blog idea, get the post written. Then go back to the forum where you found the question that inspired your blog post and then share the answer in the forum area. It’s also a neat way to bring people back to your blog.

23. Be A Joker And Share The Best Jokes In Your Niche.

Some bloggers like to do this for April Fools or just for fun posts or a day off!

24. What Adventures Do You Experience In Your Career

Share any fun adventures you’ve gone on or been a part of while doing your career. People always love living vicariously through others fun stories.

Devin Joubert, Writing, Never Giving Up

25. Take A Movie That You’ve Seen Recently And Tie It Into A Topic You Write About

I love how K.M. Weiland took Captain America and decided to write a blog post about writing likable characters.

It’s a super fun way to come up with unique content.

26. Distractions… What Are Your Biggest Ones? & How To Deal With Them?

I swear, I sometimes envy the masters of old, because they didn’t have distractions like Facebook or Instagram. In the same breath, I’m super thankful I don’t live in a time that isn’t now, because I love the here and now.

But can you imagine how much else they got done, because they weren’t checking their email every 20 minutes?

27. If Three Of The Creative People Who Inspire You Were To Collaborate & Make A Cool Product, What Would It Be?

I want you to think about the three influencers that you look up to the most. If they all got together and created a new product, art piece, or book. What would it be?

Now create that!!

28. What In The World Scares You The Most? & Why?

Our world can be a scary place. What is it that scares you the most? You could even share how you’ve gotten over the fears that scare you? Who knows, your readers might have some of the same fears!

29. Do You Remember What Your First Memory Was?

If you can think back hard enough, do you remember what your first memory actually was?  Think for awhile about it and then write about it.

30. A Blog List Post Of Hacks

Take a moment and write down the different hacks you have for doing something.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

31. What Are 5 Adjectives That Describe You

Pick out 5 adjectives that describe you, your business, or blog. If you feel like you can’t think of any. Ask 5 people who follow you in your niche to describe you, your business, or blog in 5 adjectives. It’s a fun learning experience.

32. Have You Ever Heard Of A Blog Hop?

A lot of authors and bloggers do Blog Hops. They can be various topics or themes. You can think of it as party. Parties usually have themes.

If you’d like to host a blog hop, here are some things to think about:

  • Write up some rules for your blog hop.
  • Figure out a schedule of events.
  • Which blogs would you like to include as part of your blog hop? Make a list and reach out to them asking if they’d take part or help with your blog hop.
  • Set up your blog hop for a certain amount of time.
  • Say if it’s going to be for a week, you’ll want to have each blog offer a daily prompt for the different days they are in charge of.

I believe that blog hops are a wonderful way to make a community online.

Mary Kay, Devin Joubert

Blog Ideas That Involve Dreams And Wishes

33. What Are Your Plans For Accomplishing Your Dreams & Goals?

What are your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. You’ll want to start with your goal finish date in mind and then work back from there.

Questions to think about:

  • What is your goal finish date?
  • How about your monthly goals? And weekly goals?

34. What’s Something You Aren’t Going To Do This Year?

Share some of the things that you are planning not to do in the next month, the next quarter, or year?

After you’ve published a post about the things you aren’t going to do, then a couple months later (after you’ve gotten ahold of then) you can write an update on how it went. You can also include tips to conquer the habit.

35. What Are The Steps To Success?

Share the steps to success in your niche. If you’ve published a book, share the steps to becoming a published author.

Some questions:

  • Think about the things you struggled with when you first started out.
  • List the struggles out and then give an answer to your readers.
  • Write the advice as though it was to yourself when you first started.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

36. Your 5 Year Goals? And How About Your 10 Year Goals?

I love goals. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve probable noticed that I love goals and dreams. When you write out your goals it makes it easier to achieve them because they are in front of you!

Brainstorming questions to help:

  • What are some personal and business related goals that you have this year?
  • What are some things that need to be reached?
  • Do you need to make a certain amount of income?
  • How about some new ventures you might like to try?

37. How About Sharing Your Talent With The World As A Gift

Make something fun & unique, and then give it away for free. Giving, giving, and giving will build trust. Everyone wants to be trusted.

38. Try A Little Something New

Have you ever designed your logo? Or maybe written poetry, if you’ve only written blog posts? Write a post and share something new. Make sure it’s something new. Help your readers by sharing the step-by-step on how to do it.

39. Create A Reading List

Do you have as many books sitting on shelves, that you haven’t read yet? Make a list of the books you want to read by the end of the month or year and then share it with your readers.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

40. Giving To A Charity?

Do you give to any charities? You could write about it or even interview the charity and share what they do. Make sure you share links to their site as well!

41. How About Your Dream Job? What Is It?

Type up a blog post about your dream job. Maybe you are working in your dream job or maybe you aren’t yet. Share what your dream job is.

42. What Is Your Inspiration?

This will open up some fun creative conversations. It’ll be sure to inspire your readers too. I feel like when one person talks about what inspires them, it will open a door for others to dream as well!

43. Give Up Something That Is Wasting Your Time And Focus On Doing Something That’ll Help You Achieve Your Dreams

So recently my husband and I decided to stop binging Netflix. We actually decided to swap out the time we’d watch Netflix for learning. So he started studying things that will help him in his career. While I started listening to my writing, leadership, and social media classes that I’ve set aside. In two weeks, I’ve finished two whole courses. Got so much done.

This is SO REWARDING! Pick something you are going to give up and then swap it out for something else that is productive. Then share it with your readers.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

44. Assemble Your Bucket List

Write a blog post that includes the things you want to do. Dream big. There are many fun and exciting things in the world to do and see.

45. What’s Your Motto For Life?

I love asking people this question. I think it helps you get to know a person more. What motto would you share with your blog readers?

46. Who is Your Mascot For Life?

This is similar to the last prompt. Yes, I’m asking you to think of your mascot for life. When I first met my husband, I asked him this question.

“What’s your mascot for life.”

He probably thought I was different for asking that. But he thought about it and gave me an answer.

I want you to think about the mascot for your life. Yes, kind of like that big furry bear at the sports games you watch sometimes. But you can choose from anywhere. You can choose from a movie, book, or something else in life. Who would you choose to be your mascot? And why?

47. How To Schedule Your Work Week

Do a step-by-step blog post walking your readers through how you schedule your week.

48. Throw Your Blog A Birthday Party

Make a downloadable pdf or book to give away just for the blog birthday. Make it something that you are only giving away that day so then people feel the urge to sign up to receive the gift.

Blog Post Ideas To Change Perspective

49. How Do You Work While Traveling?

So many people work for themselves or from the road. And it really helps if you show your process for working while traveling. Because sometimes, it can be hard. Check out this post my writing friend wrote about her writing process from the road.

50. Write A Rant

Think about the world we live in. Is there something that’s bothering you right now? Write a rant!

51. What Were The Life Events That Shaped You Into You

Kind of like the core memories in Inside Out. What were the core events that shaped you into the you, you are today?

52. If You Love Traveling, Share Your Travel Experiences

If you travel a lot, maybe do some reviews of that great bed and breakfast you stayed at in Italy. Or maybe do a series of where you went when you went to South Africa.

53. Share A Current Frustration Of Yours?

Did you know that controversial blog posts actually do really well. I know that they can be really difficult to write though. They also aren’t for everyone.

Blog post ideas, writing, Devin Joubert,

54. Tradition, Trad-it-TION

I couldn’t help but to sing the Fiddler On The Roof song, Tradition. If you haven’t heard it. I’ve embedded the video below. Your welcome.


Write up some of your, your family’s, or business’ traditions.


55. What The Best Advice That Someone Has Given You? And What Was The Advice?

Think back to a time when someone gave you some good advice. What was it about? And who gave you the advice? Share it in a blog post.

56. If You Could Think Of Your Next Vacation, Where Would It Be To?

For my next vacations, I’d love to go to Hawaii, Italy, Germany, Norway, and more. We will probably be going back to South Africa sometime sooner than the others. But that will be fun too!

57. You Can Go Anywhere In The World With Someone, Where Would You Go And Why’d You Choose That Person?

This one is a fun one. I love thinking of traveling and especially with my husband. Think about where you’d love to go and with who!

58. You Get To Invite 3 People To Dinner. Who Would You Invite?

Who would you invite? And what would you all talk about?

They can be dead or alive. This is a super interesting idea. I can imagine there would be some really interesting conversations.

I’d totally invite my WordPress theme designer. Check out her themes.

59. If You Were To Witness An Event In History, Which Would It Be? And Why?

This one is a hard one. There are so many moments in history I’d love to take a time machine back to, to see. I definitely wouldn’t want to stay there in that time.

What historical event astounds you, when you think of it? Start writing about it. Why do you think you feel so strongly about that historical event?

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

60. Let Readers See Life From Your Point Of View

You could even think about this as a behind the scenes into your life, business, or blog.

61. What Are The Things You Want To Improve?

We aren’t perfect. Share a post about these things. People will respect you and trust you more when they know more about you.

62. What Are The Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Your Line Of Business?

This could go differently for anyone. Since I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and creative director, I’d probably write about people shouldn’t be sitting as much as they are. They say sitting is the new smoking. Share about something that helps you stay healthy.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

63. You Are Told You Are Going To Die At The End Of The Month & Today Is The Beginning Of The Month. How Are You Going To Live The Rest Of Your Life?

There is a saying that goes a little something like “Live your day as though it were your last.”

When you come up with ideas on things you’d like to accomplish (if this was your last month) maybe you should figure out a way to accomplish your dreams.

64. Who Could You Definitely Not Live Without? And Why?

Share about your family and your cute cat. Let your customers and readers see your humanity.

Blog Post Ideas On Creating Content

65. Have You Spoken Somewhere Recently?

If you’ve spoken at a conference, a podcast, or even a lesson somewhere take it and turn it into content for your blog.

Type it up and schedule it as a blog post after it goes live. Share it as notes or even tell your audience that if they sign up for your newsletter, you’ll give them the video and hand book (which could be the speech transcribed.

66. Interview Someone On Your Blog

Share useful content by interviewing someone who inspires you.

This will also help you get more followers? Something that will help is choosing bloggers who have more of an influencer status.

67. Answer Reader Questions In A Blog Post

Take questions from your FAQ or from your reader questions and create a full-length blog post about that topic.

It’s a great way to help your readers with any of their problems.

68. The Day In The Life Of _________

Write a blog post with an hour-by-hour of your day in your career or life or even BOTH. Your readers will enjoy a sneak-peek into your life.

69. Write A Blog Post With The Best Books That You’ve Read  In Your Niche

Share your best reads that you’ve read so far in your niche.

70. What Skills Should A Person Have If They’d Want To Do What You Are Doing?

Take a little time to share with your followers and readers what kind of skills they might like to have, if they want to do what you are. This could be in your life, business, or blog.

71. Think About The Ten Commandments Of Your Career

This is a fun way to show more into what you do and how to do it, while also sharing some of your personality.

72. Come Up With The Deadly Sins Of Your Career?

You remember the Deadly Sins, right? Well take that and marry it with what you do to create a fun and unique blog post.

73. Write A Truth Vs Lie Blog Post

Remember those games that people play about two truths and a lie? Do something like this for a fun blog pos. And maybe instead of making your readers guess all night, share with them which are lies and which are truths.

74. How’d You Get Started In Your Career?

I think people are always interested in learning how to get out into their niche and how to start their business successfully.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • What is the step-by-step route that I took from beginning to end?
  • Which things helped me get started?
  • How’d I reach more social media followers?
  • And how’d you grow your email list?

Make sure you cover all the bases when it comes to starting your business. Remember, if your answers are helpful, people will keep coming back for more.

75. What Could A Person Learn From What You Do In Your Career?

There are life lessons everywhere in life. What are some things that people could learn about from what you do in your career?

76. The Toughest Thing About Being A ______

Be truthful. What’s the toughest part about what you do?

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

This is a picture from when we were in a long-distance relationship before we were married. Being in a long-distance relationship was tough, but we made it work.

Creative Blog Post Ideas To Write (Sharing Your Favorite Things)

77. Your Favorite Blogs & Podcasts Are?

Now is a time to give back to your favorite bloggers out there. Write a list post of all your favorite blogs, podcasts, or businesses. It’s a great way to share. And the more you share other great content or bloggers. Your readers are going to trust you even more.

78. Pick Out A Favorite Fictional Character. How Are You Alike?

Ever thought something like, “Wow, this character is really basically me!” when watching a movie or reading a book? Use that train of thought for writing a blog post about this.

79. Your Favorite Book Isn’t A Movie Yet, But When It Becomes A Movie, Who Do You Want For The Cast?

This is an all together fun prompt.

80. What Are Your Favorite Apps?

Everyone loves to learn about different Apps that could make their lives easier. Share a post about your FAVES!

81. How About Your Favorite Blog Plugins Or Widgets?

You know the plugins and widgets on your website that help run your blog better? Or make it look better? Write a list post with all the awesome plugins you love to use.

82. Think About Your MOST Favorite Memory?

This is another fun one.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

I can’t think of my FAVE memory, so I thought I’d share this cute picture of me at Disney on my 5th birthday with the big Mickey Mouse stuffed animals.

83. Think Back About The Best Gift You’ve Received?

Think back. Remember that favorite gift you got?

84. Share A List Of Your Favorite Blog Posts From The Month Of…

This can be a list of your favorite personal blog posts and you can also share favorites you’ve read from other people.

85. The Best ________ (Fill In The Blank)

Have you watched any helpful video tutorials on YouTube lately? This blog post could be on anything. But for example, I could call it “The Best How-To Videos For Baking A Standout Pie”

86. Think About The Best Events You Went To Last Year

I love to go to conferences, speakers, and more. So I love doing blog posts sharing about my experiences and what I learned from the speakers and classes I attended. Also, try add some tips for making your reader’s experience even more amazing–if they decide to go down the road.

87. Create A Playlist About A Project

A lot of writers have done this for their books. So have I.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

88. Create A Roundup Post Like The Best (Topic) Blog Posts From The (Enter Date, Or Amount Of Time)

Roundup list posts can be a lot of fun for readers, because they can gather actionable posts that help your audience become better at what they want to do.

89. What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend A Day Off?

This is another fun post to get you thinking about how you might like to spend your next day off.

Creative Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

90. Share Your Life Or Blog Mission Statement

We always love knowing more about what a company or blog believe. You know, what they believe at the core. It helps create a strong culture as well.

91. Nobody Knows I…

I’ve used this prompt for blog posts before. Also used it in an email format. Super easy to use.

92. What’s The Worst Thing You Ever Did?

And be sure to share with your readers how you got over it.

93. Create A Poll Or Questionnaire

Creating polls are a super helpful way to get to know more about your followers, to get to know more about what they need, and also it’s a great way to ask questions that will help with a current project. Then, you can even compile the responses you’ve gotten into a blog post to share the results of the poll or questionnaire.

Here Are Some Example Questions You Could Include:

  • What are some things you’d love to learn about on the Life Writing Wanderlust blog?
  • What are your personal goals for this year?
  • Which of these topics interest you more? (multiple choice questions)
  • What do you do?
  • How long have you used our product?

Keep your blog fresh with a clean WordPress theme. Angie Makes has plenty of gorgeous themes to choose from.

94. Write A Blog Post About Upcoming Events You Are Hosting

Make sure your readers are the first to know about any events you are planning to hold, whether thats online or offline.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

95. Profile A Role Model Of Yours

People always love hearing about the role models who inspire influential people.

Some Steps To Profile Role Models:

  • Interview them via email, phone, or even in person if you can.
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What’s their outlook or mission statement for life?
  • What makes them your role model? And why?

96. How Do You Show Yourself Love With Self Care?

It’s always important to care for yourself and show yourself love. How do you do that?

97. What Are You Most Passionate About?

Here at Life Writing Wanderlust, we are passionate about helping people live their best lives possible. What are you most passionate about?

98. What Are The Biggest Things You Have Learned This Year

There are many different ways this blog post prompt could take you. Just go with it though!

99. What Are The Things That Keep You Creative?

Once, Maya Angelou wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I can tell you this is so true. Share with your readers what it is that keeps you creative and running toward your artful dreams.

about, Devin Joubert, Life Writing Wanderlust

100. Write A Blog Post Inspired By A Word

This year, I chose a word for the year. It was Elevate. You can see how I did this, in that blog post here.

I’ve been doing this for two years. At my last corporate job, they gave us a book that talked about the importance of choosing a word and sharing how that word would drive you for the new year.

101. What Keeps You Productive?

I love nerd-ing out about productivity and goals.

Here Are Some Things To Think About:

  • What lifestyle has helped you become more productive?
  • What’s been stopping you from staying productive?

102. If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, Blog, Or Business… What Would It Be?

I think it’s a good thing to think about the things you’d like to change in your life. It helps you see the things you can improve. And also helps you see what you are doing well.

103. What Do You Enjoy Outside Of Work?

Do you love rock climbing, hiking, or travel? If so, share a blog post about your last rock climbing trip. Be sure to include pictures. Readers love seeing your personality and lifestyle behind your business and blog.

blog writing ideas, Devin Joubert

Traveling with my husband is what I enjoy doing outside of work!

104. (Insert Number) Inspiring (Insert Topic Or Industry) Quotes

Quotes are so inspiring, aren’t they?  Share some quotes that have to do with a topic or your industry.

Quotes are little cookies of knowledge from a person, from another time. I sometimes like thinking of it as time travel without the worry of never making it back to the present.

Creative Blogging Ideas

105. What Do You Wish You’d Known When You Started Blogging?

I’d start this by putting together a list of everything you wish you’d known when you started out. Then turn that into a blog post.

106. Where Do You Want To Be Next Year? In 5 Or 10 Years?

Try to be realistic, though, I know it can be hard sometimes to look that far ahead.

107. Write Reviews

Writing reviews is a wonderful way to help other people know whether they should eat somewhere or stay someplace. It’s also a great way to share with companies if you like their products or whether they need to improve something.

108. Craft An Open Letter

There was a blog post prompt that lit up the internet a few years ago. It went a little something like “A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self”.

With a blog post like this, think about what you’d most like to tell your younger self, to help yourself through a tough time. It’s quite therapeutic.

109. Reach Out To Professionals And Experts & Then Combine Their Quotes Into A Post

That’s pretty self explanatory. Have fun with it!!!

110. Write A Best Posts Of The Season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Or Spring) Blog Post

If you have your blog hooked up to Google Analytics, you can look there to see which of your posts were the most popular. Share those in a blog post.

111. What You Learned In (Insert Season)

I recently saw this post on Emily Freeman’s blog, about the “6 Things I Learned This Summer.”

Do something like that, to share the biggest things you learned in a season.

112. How I Get New Blog Readers?

If you’ve been doing really well with finding new blog readers and building your blog email newsletter, then you could put all your tips into a blog post and share that.

Many people shy away from giving their secrets and tips away. Many think it’ll harm them. That’s not true though. It’ll build your trust with them and will keep them coming back for more.

113. Use A Photo To Prompt Your Blog Post

This is a creative blogging idea. Pictures have a way of inspiring me. If you’ve never given this a try look at some pictures and get inspired. You can find free images to use on Unsplash.

114. Share Your Writing Place

Where do you write. Do you have a special room where you do all your writing? Or maybe you write from the living room couch?

I love seeing writing places of writers and bloggers I look up to.




115. Why’d You Start Blogging?

What got you started blogging? Share that.

116. What Are 15 Things No One Knows About You?

Think of things that people probably don’t know about you and then share that in a blog post with pictures as well!

You can also do this about your business or blog.

117. Do A Swap-A-Roo Post

Contact some blog friends and see if you could write a guest post for them and if they could write one for you.

118. How Do You Come Up With Blogging Ideas?

Write a post kind of like this post that I did. Share some of your blogging ideas to help your readers come up with blog ideas.

119. What Makes You Unique?

Think about what makes you unique and share that on your blog.

120. What 5 Bloggers Inspire You? And Why?

I love blog posts like this. Find about five that inspire you and do a blog post about them.

121. Has Your Blogging Career Changed In The Past Year? If So, How?

Think of the changes, the different journeys, and even stats if you have any. You can share top blog posts and even comments from readers. That’s a great way to pull your followers into your blog.

My blog theme makes it super easy to have a clean and concise blogging format. If you are looking for a professional yet spirited WordPress theme, look no further.

122. Set Up A Blog Series

On my old blog, I did a blog series on “Writing For NaNoWriMo.”

I’m currently working on a new hand guide to surviving & thriving NaNoWriMo. It’ll be a fun series to read!

123. Have A Team? If You Do, Introduce Them & Tell How You Found Them.

Share a picture of them and a little bio. You could even interview them.




124. Found A Great Tweet You’d Love To Turn Into A Blog Post

Take an idea that you got from Twitter. Then turn it into a blog post.

125. Do Book Reviews

You can share about the books you’ve been reading. I did that here.

Creative Blog Writing Ideas – Your Writing Process

126. Keywords That Bring The Most Traffic To Your Blog

Go to your Google Analytics and see which posts are the most popular with your readers. And then you’ll be able to create content like your most popular content.

You could also use the Moz Bar (which is free). I love using it.

127. Share Your Top Blog Posts In A Blog Post

This is a fun way to get your readers more excited about your content.

128. Do A Blog Post That Includes A Video You’ve Recorded

You could even take a blog post you’ve already written and create a video about it. Then take your video and summary of the video, and put it in a blog post. This will add a new fun bit to your blog post.


This is a video I recorded for one of my posts on 5 of Hollywood’s biggest lies don’t work.


128. What Are Your Writer’s Guidelines

Want to have guest writers, to write blog posts for your blog? It’s super important to have an area on your blog where you’ll put that. I’d recommend having it in a tab at the top, or on a sidebar, or footer of your page.

Ideas for writing your writer’s guidelines:

  • What do you want writers to include in their pitches?
  • What do you need from them in order to say yes to their pitch?
  • I recommend asking for the first 250-500 words of the post they want to pitch to you.
  • Other things you should have them send with their pitch: blog URL, a few writing samples, and social links.

    129. Write Up A Master List Of Helpful Amazon Kindle Books

And then if you have a book, you can include a link to your book too.

Here’s my book: Creating A Fit Life – A Woman’s Guide To Being A Fit Creative In An Unfit World

130. Write Something NEW That You’ve Never Written Before

If you write blog posts, maybe try writing something different like a poem or a chapbook of short stories.

131. Make A Comprehensive Guide Post.

What post would you like to write that would include a massive amount of information that would help your readers do that thing.

132. Write Up A Memorial Blog Post

Has someone influential in your life, or at your business, or in your community pass away? Write a blog post giving honor and in memory of them.

133. A “List” Of ____

This is a list post of anything you want to write about. Also list posts are super popular!!

134. What Online Tools Do You Use?

Are there any online tools you love using? If so, put them into a list blog post.

135. Checklist On How To ________

Writing checklist posts are fun to show people how to do things. They can also check things off the list as well. It makes it easier to see the progress.

136. Write An A-Z Post…

These are fun posts to write.

Here are some examples: “The A-Zs of Surviving Long-Distance Relationships”

137. Write A List Of 100 Things…

Do you have 100 things that you love? Share a post of 100 things, tools, or books you love.

Ideas For Repurposing Blog Content

Repurposing blog content is super helpful. I recently went through my blog and unpublished old blog posts I wanted to edit and republish. Basically, I wanted to make them better.

That’s something you can do too!

138. Thank Your Tribe & Give Them Something Awesome

Make something fun and special just because they are following you and going through the journey with you.

139. Collect Your Best Blog Posts And Put Them Into A Free Ebook.

This is just so much fun! I love ebook publishing and everything that goes into publishing. I’ll write more blog posts on publishing on Kindle.

140. Sketch Something For InkTober And Share Them On Your Blog Every Week

You can do a weekly blog post with your seven drawings for the week. This also will really help people see the real you and see you improve.

141. Write A Handwritten Letter

Write something out by hand and share it on a blog post.

142. Let Readers Hear Your Voice

Take your blog posts and record them. Then include a downloadable audio mp3 files.

143. Live Blog At A Conference Or Event

Attend a conference or speaker event and blog the events. Write up a blog post series about each speaker you went to.

Having a professional theme will set you apart from others. Show your best side by having a theme that really shows off your writing.

144. Host Your Own Webinar

Make a webinar out of an older blog post. Then rewrite that blog post and market your webinar in that blog post.

Some ideas on hosting your own webinar:

  • Create a landing page with mailchimp
  • Share the benefit for why people should sign up
  • What are you going to give away for free to the people who are going to sign up? Maybe a webinar booklet?
  • Try use something like Zoom or Google Hangouts to host your webinar and record it.
  • Share your landing page everywhere on social media. Have your friends share it as well. You can also include the landing page in your email newsletter subscribers.

145. Are There Downloads Your Readers Would Enjoy?

It could be a content upgrade, a book, a small video course, or even other things.

146. Try Something New For A Month, like Vlogging!

Every time I publish a blog post, I share about it in a Facebook Live video as well. Then I have more content being created in different formats.

147. Host A Workshop LIVE

Create great content that you can print for handouts to use at the workshop. Most public library’s love to help and have speakers come.

Things To Think About:

  • What workshop do you want to host? (In person? A Meetup? Online?)
  • What are the different topics you’d like to cover?
  • Write notes like an outline. They are easier to follow.
  • When you are speaking, make sure you talk slowly enough that people feel relaxed when listening to you.

148. Create Infographics For Some Of Your Top-Performing Posts

Infographics are another fun way to create more content for your readers. They are also wonderful for social media. Social media loves Infographics.

Devin Joubert, Writing, Never Giving Up

149. Create A Quick Reference Guide

Make sure you fill it with tricks of the trade that will help your tribe do what they love.

150. What Blogging Mistakes Have You Made In The Past?

Everyone is human. That means we all make mistakes. Share some of yours.

Creative Blog Ideas (Food Bloggers)

151. Share A Printable Recipe

People always love printing a recipe. This makes creating that recipe for your family so much easier than dragging the laptop to the kitchen. You know what I mean. You’ve done it too! It’s just too easy to spill on the keys. Not fun!

Save them the trouble and create a printable to go with your recipe.

152. Share Recipe From Your Area

I’m from Minnesota/North Dakota and we have so many foods that are famous for here, so that’s the type of thing you’ll want to think of sharing for your area.

153. Show Your Readers Your Kitchen

Share pictures of where all the yummy magic happens.

154. Give The History Of A Dish You Love

Did your grandmother make her apple pie a certain way and was there a story that went with it. We want to hear it.

155. Do An Interview With A Popular Chef

This is self explanatory. Have fun with it.

156. Share A Technique Step-by-Step For Cooking

It could even be as simple as showing how to create the best homemade icing.

157. How Did You Get Started Cooking?

Share your story with your readers.

Having a great theme will help your blog shine online.

158. What Are Some Healthy Replacements For Some Unhealthy Foods

You know, like if you were cooking cupcakes, but ran out of oil. You could use Greek Yogurt instead. That kind of thing.

159. Try Making Something New (Then Write About It)

This makes me think of the movie Julie & Julia. That was a good movie.

160. Review a Cook Book

Have a favorite cook book. Maybe dedicate a month to making each recipe for supper. And then review it with a blog post of how that went and what you learned.

161. Share How To Make A Popular Restaurant Favorite

People love eating out. I know from experience that people love eating that same yummy food from the comforts of home.

162. Write A Post Where You Compare Brands Of Cooking Products or Utensils

Which tools and products do you enjoy using most and why?

163. What Was A Cooking Experience That Failed

There are times that we all fail with something. Share one of the times you failed or made a recipe that flopped.

Creative Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

164. Find Headline Ideas In Beauty Magazines

For real, though. Here is an example: Killer Cocktail: How a Popular Drink Could Kill You in Your Sleep (Change it to Killer Looks For The New Year: How Popular Makeup Trends Could Hurt Your Skin In Your Sleep.

165. What’s Your Skincare Routine

Take and walk your readers through your skincare routine. Record yourself in a video and then share that on your blog post.

166. What’s Your FAVE Product?

Be sure to include links to where your readers can buy them.

167. What Are Your Go To Travel Products?

These are the things you take with you camping, traveling on trains, planes, and automobiles. Dump your travel bag out and take pictures of everything. Also explain why you enjoy including each piece.

168. What Are The Best Ways To Beautify on a Budget?

Help your readers save money on staying beautiful with products that are great for their skin as well as more affordable.

169. Write About A Beauty Trend… Is It A Good One Or Bad One

There are so many fads out there. Some are cool and some are not. Share one.

170. Compare Two Of The Different Brands

Share which you like best and why you think it’s better.

Creative Photography Blog Ideas

171. Go Someplace New

This could be someplace new or even a new way home from work. Just a little travel can help spark your creativity.

172. Share Pictures Of Your Vacation

Share pictures and memories you’ve made.

173. Show Your Camera Gear

Photographers love seeing what other Photographers are using. Share a picture of everything in your camera bag. Or even do video of packing up your camera bag.

Want to update your blog theme? Angie Makes is a wonderful theme designer. Am always asked where I got mine.

174. How To Get New Photography Clients

Share how you find more clients.

175. Share Pictures At An Event

Go to an event and take pictures. Document it and then share it on a blog post.

176. Share Some Photography Techniques

You could cover one technique or a couple. Or you could do a series and cover one tip at a time.

177. Share Your Best Editing Tips

Show your followers how you edit a photo in a video.

178. Share Your Best Tips On Getting The Best Lighting

How do you do it?

179. How To Run Your Photography Business

Spreadsheets and paperwork aren’t a creative’s favorite way to spend time. If you have some tips on how to make the business side of things easier, share those tips in a post.

180. Create a Beginner’s Guide To (Insert Thing You Want To Teach)

Create a beginner’s guide to doing something.

181. Do A Post Of Photojournalism

In this post, share photos and the story with the photos.

182. Interview A Fellow Photographer

This is a great way to show readers how everyone is different with their process.

183. Write A Blog Post Where You Share Your Services

Share a post with your services. I’d focus on one service per blog post. Keep it focused so you can sell one thing at a time.

Best Blog Ideas For Authors

184. Give Your Readers A Free Chapter

This is a great idea for what you could give your readers for signing up for your newsletter. If they enjoy the sample, they’ll be more likely to buy the book.

185. Share Your Best Writing Tips

Write a blog post with your best writing tips.

186. What Are Your Best Tips For Promoting Your Book

There are so many ways to promote your book. But there are right ways and wrong ways. Share how you’ve marketed your book.

187. How To Get An Agent?

If you have an agent, write a post about how you got yours. Or you could even do a video interview with your agent and ask them questions about what stood out to them about your work. I think that’d be really interesting.

188. Share What Your Writing Process Looks Like

All writers are different. Some are pantsers and some are plotters. Some outline the whole book, before they write it and some are discovery writers. So share what your process looks like!

189. Share Your Writing Routine

In this post you could share the behind-the-scene routine of your writing. Help other writers design their own routine.

190. Share Your Morning Routine (Or Night Routine)

This is a great way to show how you spend your time, when you wake up or go to bed. It’s a wonderful way to show your dedication and process of what you do.

191. Host A Writing Group Club (Mention It On Your Blog Too)

Go on Facebook and find other writers who would like to do a writing group in your area. You can also go on Meetups to search for a writing group. Then write about what kind of group it is and put it on your blog. If there isn’t a writing Meetup in your area, you could create your own Meetup online for other writers who might like to be a part of a writing group.

192. Write A Blog Post About Your Favorite Writing Podcasts

Do you love podcasts as much as me? If so, write a blog post with your FAVE podcasts listed.

Loki still loves going for walks!

193. Share About Something You Struggle With Most In Your Writing

What do you struggle with most?

194. Write A Post About Why You Started Writing

Think back to the moment you started writing or the moment that spurred your toward writing.

195. Write A Short Story In Blog Format

Share a short story on your blog.

196. Serialize A Book And Share It Throughout A Few Blog Posts & Your Email Newsletter

I remember when I was in high-school, our English teacher would read this serialized story out of the newspaper to us. I really enjoyed listening to each part and I was left sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting the next part that she’d read the next day.

Do something like that for your readers.

197. Share Your Best Editing Tips

Editing is something completely different from writing, isn’t it. It’s like it’s on the other side of your brain from the writing side. Share your best editing tips.

198. Share A List Of The Best Writing Conferences You’ve Been To (Or Would Like To Go To)

Writing Conferences are so much fun, so share which ones you’ve been to and which you can’t wait to be a part of.

199. Write A Blog Post Of The Things That Inspire You The Most

I’ve written blog posts about how the woods behind my parent’s house has inspired me greatly in my writing. Share a post about something that has inspired you.

200. Write A Long Post With A Bunch Of Great Tips Like This One

It’s a great way to get a lot of great ideas out to your readers.

I know that was a lot of information, but I hope it inspired you with some creative blog writing ideas to fill up your calendar for the year.

P.S. I’m always asked about where my theme is from, so I just wanted to share that link here

P.S.S. Now, go write!

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