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Next week I will be headed to Washington for a Novel Writing Intensive. I am totally excited about this, so I thought I would tell you all what I am planning on packing.

Have you ever gone to a writing retreat or intensive? Have you ever wondered what you should pack? Or do, to prepare for it? If so, read on.

1. Do Your Writing Homework

• Read the speaker’s blogs, books, and more.

• Take notes.

• Implement what you’ve learned into your own writing.

2. The Essentials

• Make sure you book your accommodations and transportation ahead of time.

• Also, print the booking papers ahead of time. (such as: tickets, accommodation bookings, play bookings, ect.)

3. What are you going to pack?Packing List -

These questions will influence what you should or shouldn’t pack.

• Ask yourself, “What kind of an event this is?”

Would it be best to where jeans and a nice shirt, or dress pants and a camisole with a cardigan? (Men reading this: You probably wouldn’t want to wear the camisole with a cardigan. Maybe wear something either casual/professional or professional/dressy.)

• What is the temperature?

4. Rest up your mind…

• Get enough sleep

• Eat healthy

• Get some writing in

• Do some writing prompts

• Read (or listen to audiobooks)

• Do Yoga

• Listen to music

5. Schedule your blog posts

This is REALLY important. When you go to the intensive (workshop, retreat, ect) you are going to be connecting with new people. Make sure your blog is publishing your posts for you, by scheduling your posts ahead of time. This will also keep your readers happy. Get a FREE Monthly Blog Planner here.

What are you packing, Devin?

I thought I’d share with you what I am packing on the writing side of things & then also on the health side of things (since, I’ve been really serious about getting healthy.)

IMG_7957My Writing Packing List: 

1. Logitech iPad Cover/Keyboard 

2. My iPad Air 

I decided I am not bringing my computer along on this trip. I usually do bring my MacBook Pro (WHICH, I LOVE!!!) but, I wanted to pack lighter this time.

3. Notebooks 

I love notebooks. I truly get inspired when I am able to open up a new notebook. Oh the possibilities.

4. Pens

Can never have too many. Same as notebooks. The stationary aisles at stores always take me captive.

5. Stylus for iPad

6. Business cards

Don’t forget them!

7. My manuscript

8. Camera

Because, of course I am going to take pictures!

8. SD cards for my camera

10. Chargers (for all technology!!)

IMG_7958My Healthy Traveling Packing List:

1. Ear buds

2. iPhone running armband

3. My Merrell barefoot running shoes

4. FitBit

5. Sunglasses


Have you ever gone to a writing retreat, workshop, or intensive? If so, what kind of things do you pack?


Also, check into this Twitter Chat. It will be a blast! Set to happen on October 25th. There will be 3 sessions throughout the day. Click on the photo for more information. Totally want you there.

Click to get more information.
Click to get more information.



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How To Prepare For A Novel Writing Intensive

  1. Sounds like fun. I’ve been to some writer conferences, but the only “retreat” I’ve done is when three other friends and I rented a cabin for a couple of days for the purpose of writing. It’s good to get away like that. Enjoy!

    1. Oh that sounds like fun as well. I’d love to have a cabin writing retreat in the mountains with a bunch of writer friends! Maybe we should plan something sometime. haha.. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I was searching Google for planning ideas for a writing retreat I’m putting together next month, and Google brought me to your blog! Nice to see you’re doing well and blogging, and congratulations on your engagement. :)

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