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Writing Grotto, Devin Berglund, Writing, Grotto,This is the Writing Grotto. A picturesque little cave where I am placing all of the writing information that I write over the years. Think of this place like Ariel’s Grotto, where she kept all of her treasures untold (Remember the thingamabob?) But, this will all be writing treasures to help you with your own writing journey. Hope you find these links all helpful!

I will add more information as time goes by.

Social Networking – 


How To Set Up A Blog.


How To Use Twitter

Pinterest –

How To Add A Pin It Button Over Your Images On Your Blog

On Writing –

Novels –

How To Tap Into Your Character’s Blood Flow- Heather Burch

In A Scene With A Lion Behind Bars – Erin Healy

What About A Writer’s Club?

Writing With More Conflict

In a Complicated Relationship with Your Characters?

5 Tips on Novel Writing

NaNoPrep –

  1. Research
  2. Be Your Character
  3. More on Character
  4. Staying Healthy as a Writer

Short Stories – 

How to Writing Short Stories

On Submitting Short Stories

On Editing/Revising-

Important Revising Resources (Pros & Cons)

Three Ways Writers Misuse Repetition

Finding Time- 

Making Time to Write With a Full Time Job

Author Interviews on Revising:

On Publishing 

Why Tradition Publishing is a lot like Dating – Traditional Publishing

Don’t Rush Publication – Self/Indie Publishing

Writing Your Characters Into Existence 

  • Coming Soon!


How To Make An Awesome Welcome Video For Your Blog} 


Simply Write Workshops




Workshops will be coming soon! YAY… how exciting!

Is there something you would like to see in a workshop or tutorial here? If so, send me your thoughts in an email below.

Also, if you are ever struggling with something in writing or need some help with a character or story. Let me know, and I will try to help.

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