On the Subject of Writer’s Clubs… What do You Think?


A writer’s club? Have you ever been a part of one?Β 

When I was back in Australia, I was a part of an awesome group of writers who met every Wednesday at the Brisbane Library. I looked forward to it every week. When I moved back to the States it was tough, because my writing friends were no where near me. They were either in Australia or on the other side of the country. Have you ever experienced this? I recommend looking for writer’s clubs.

In Brisbane, we’d spend time chatting about writing and our lives, but mostly writing. My favorite time of the writer’s club was when we would crack our notebooks open for writing prompt time. We’d be given a word or a setting or even a character that we could use as a prompt to write anything we wanted. After 15 minutes of writing we had to read our writing out loud. It was such a great learning experience to read something you’d just written out loud. Then there were times someone from the group would teach on something like: editing, revision, writing short stories, and romantic elements in stories.

A New Writing Club…

I am so excited, because I found some other writers in the area where I live that wanted to be a part of a writer’s group. Tonight will be our first meeting! I am looking forward to our prompt writing. We will be doing a prompt exercise as well!

I just had to give you all an update, to tell you about the writer’s club! I will update you later as well.

How about you? Are you a writer’s group junkie? Or would you rather not be a part of a writer’s group? If so, whatΒ is it you’ve enjoyed or hated about writer’s groups?Β I would love to know your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “On the Subject of Writer’s Clubs… What do You Think?

  1. I’ve been in a few different local writer’s groups. Writing challenges to do while you’re there can be fun, but I often find I get the most out of reading something that I’ve prepared beforehand and critiquing other people’s writing. I hope yours gives you exactly what you need.

  2. Devin I just joined a local writers club too! It is such an inspiring way to connect with creative like minded souls. We give a writing prompt to go home and write and then read them aloud on our next visit. Enjoy your time, I know I look forward to mine.

  3. That’s so exciting, Dev! I think you should do a follow up post and tell us how it went. I’m definitely intrigued.

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