What To Pack For An International Trip

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know by now that Johan and I will be traveling to his parent’s place in South Africa at the beginning of February. Man, that’s soon isn’t it?

When I was planning for the upcoming month’s blog posts, I got to thinking about how the last BIG international trip I did was 4 years ago. Hard to believe it’s been so long! Right?

Before that I’d been flying to England and Australia on the regular.

South Africa, Devin Joubert

The last international trip I did, was when I last went to South Africa. Johan and I met over there at the airport and then spent the whole month of December traveling and spending time with his family. And when we got to the end of December, that was the hardest goodbye we’d ever experienced. At least, this time we will be going and leaving together.

It’s such a gorgeous country. I’m excited to be going back! But also, we will be stopping over in London town! YAY! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been there too and I miss it! So we will be spending a day in London before catching the next flight to Johannesburg.

Writing this blog post has pushed me to not procrastinate on the packing side of things – as I usually do it LATE. The night before the flight. NOPE, nope… nope. Not this year.

A Day Layover In London

I remember bringing way too much with me when I studied abroad in Australia. I had two huge checked bags. Then again I was going for a semester, so I needed more. But still. This trip, I’ve aimed to pack WAY lighter. Almost minimalist-like.

I’m only going to have two bags.

  • ONE personal item & carry on (I’m planning for a nice travel backpack.)
  • ONE checked bag

I’m so happy we will be able to leave our checked bags at the airport so we don’t have to lug them around London. When I was in Singapore with Johan one time, we had a half day before we flew and had two huge checked bags with me that time as well because I was headed to live in Australia for a year! But pulling big bags like that is seriously annoying. You feel like Harry Potter lugging his bags through Platform 9 3/4. But in a not cool way.

I’ll also have to make sure we bring rain jackets and warm enough clothing. It’s supposed to rain/snow while we are there. We might also have to find a nice little coffee shop to hunker down in.

What Will I Pack In My Travel Backpack

Every so often I remember an amazing Jansport backpack that I had when I was in Elementary school. It was a purple canvas-y material. Loved it. It held things so well.

So I’ll probably be bringing this stylish media backpack I have.

Since I’ll be working, while we are abroad with my ESL teaching and my writing, I’ll be bringing my computer.

Here’s a peak into my backpack and what I’m packing:

  • Computer
  • Kindle (Plan to get some serious reading done.)
  • Tech Cords (Computer, phone, and kindle cords)
  • Apple iPhone/Mic ear buds (These are the ones that come with the phone. Wonderful to use for teaching.)
  • Flashcards (Just my colors and my A, B, C cards.)
  • My current writing notebook
  • Wallet & passport
  • Lip balm/gloss/lotion for travel (I always get so dry while traveling.)
  • An extra pair of yoga pants and a nice shirt.

This will make our layover in London much easier only having backpacks.

Arrival In South Africa

This is what I’m packing for South Africa.

  • 5-6 pairs of clothing. (Shirts, pants, dresses, undies, and bras)
  • Mary Kay sectional clear bag with makeup and facewash in it.
  • gifts for those in SA.
  • My pillow (Yes, I’m one of those people walking through the airport holding their pillow. There’s just something about traveling with some comfort from home.)

We are really looking forward to seeing Johan’s family. And I know they are getting excited too.

What do you usually pack for traveling abroad?