What To Do With The Craziness of The World?

Our World…

Being a creative and compassionate person, I sometimes find it difficult living in this time and age. Do you ever feel that way too, sometimes?

I once walked into a Michaels Art Store and there were so many things jumping out at me. Not literally, but there were so many colors and objects that in a way fought against each other. My senses were put on overdrive. Bright colors were bursting out at me from the shelves. Other shelves were crowded with an assortment of things. On the top shelves of the yarn department, in the back there were buckets and ceramic planters stacked on top of each other. Yes, that walk through Michael’s wasn’t that inspiring. It was more mind boggling and tiring than anything else.

It seems that is how it is with our world today too. Just like my Michaels experience, The News and Radio stations are always reporting on small issues like what Kim Kardashian is doing this week. Then, they are also reporting on issues of larger importance that need to be solved. Like what we will do about Benghazi and who is to blame. Abortion Doctors who are getting away with murder. (Sad, that this play on words is, quite the truth.) Then the President, doesn’t want people calling the Boston bombers, Terrorists because it isn’t politically correct.

These are all topics I could go on and on about, but I don’t want to throw so many things in the second paragraph. All these things leave me feeling like our world is going into a sink hole and it leaves me with a serious question.

What can I do?

What can little ole’ me do in this big confused world?

Do you ever feel this way too?

If so, I have some ideas and tips that might help you. 

What Can I Do?

Today there are things that I rather do than stand against the flow of things. I rather sit in my bed and read my favorite book. I rather write about my fictional characters and fight against the darkness with the light (Because you know, light always wins).

I remember when I was younger, I was bullied a lot. I saw others get bullied too and it wasn’t nice. When I got home I would go to my room and read or listen to The Chronicles of Narnia dramatized books on CD. I was obsessed with the Land of Narnia. The people who lived there and how the world seemed less chaotic even when the country was at war. Aslan was there, so no harm would come to you – because he would protect you, right?

But, I’d come home from school and go into my room. I’d turn out the lights so that it was dark except for the light coming through my window. I remember so many times that I’d go to my closet and feel behind my clothes… just wishing. Wishing that it would be accessible to me too. But then I felt the wall and it never changed. Which caused a lot of pain for me that I couldn’t go there. It just seemed like people didn’t understand me. I strove for a place where people would.

I’ve had the Narnia feeling many times in my life. When something happens I’ve found myself just wondering… If only I could go there. And then I would find myself thinking of the little girl sitting in her closet longing for that other place. That place where love resided. Where people got along. Where life was seen as life. Where Truth REIGNED and where bad was brought to justice. Who wouldn’t love that?

That place where love resided. Where people got along. Where life was seen as life. Where Truth REIGNED and where bad was brought to justice. Who wouldn’t love that?

Really, though… so, what can I do?

  1. Be STRONG (and take care of yourself.) 
  2. P(r)ay Attention
    • Pay attention to the things happening in the world and educate yourself so you can educate others.
    • Pray.
  3. Stand Up & Alert Others
    • Call or email (or do both) your Legislator or Parliament to make your voice heard. Many don’t, so break the mold and make your voice heard. Without it, they won’t know what you are thinking about.
    • Let others know what you have found out.


What are some things that I can do to escape…
(when I feel like I need to)

Just like, that little me, who went to her closet after school wishing for Narnia, we all need an escape. I am talking about a place where we can recharge. Where we can escape to relax. I could say we all need a vacation to a deserted island with a beautiful bungalow or a cabin in the mountains away from civilization (but, not all of us can get away on a whim’s notice although that sure would be lovely.)

Here are some things you can do for yourself when you need an Escape:

  1. Read a Book
    • I always love to curl up under a favorite blanket to read a book.  (You may also have one of the best naps.) 

    Other great reading places:
    -A warm bathtub.
    -On a hammock in the sun.
    -At the beach or on a towel in a park or your yard.
    – And, yes – I know, not everyone likes reading and if you don’t – look into Audio Books. They are great for long drives.

  2. Get a Massage 
    • This is something I love. Near where I live there is a spa that has the best back massages. Some spas are a bit pricy, but I think it’s definitely worth it.  Do it.
  3. Musica 
    •Sometimes all you need to do is listen to some music. My favorite artists to relax to are: Christina Perri, Secondhand Serenade, OneRepublic, 2Cellos, Jeremy Camp, and Fun.
  4. Exercise 
    • This is something I am still trying to work on. Exercise doesn’t come fun to me. Which, I wish wasn’t true. I know that exercise might not be a way to escape, but sometimes it feels good (AFTER) and you feel better about yourself, so it helps.Ideas To Get Up & Move:
    – Take your dog for a walk.
    – Walk on the elliptical or walking machine.
    -Go to a nearby gym and go swimming.
  5. Write Something
    •Okay, so I am a writer… and it’s easy for me to sit down and write something. It might not be easy for you to sit down and write if you aren’t a writer. If you are a writer or aren’t, just sit down and write something in your notebook.Journal Prompts:
    -How do you feel?
    -What are you thinking?
    -What are some of the problems in the world that bug you? How could you help?

I hope some of these points help you when you want to escape to Narnia or a mountainside cabin.

What are some things that you have done to escape to your own kind of Narnia? 


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2 thoughts on “What To Do With The Craziness of The World?

  1. I loved this post and related to it so much. As a lonely child, I escaped into the world of story and imagination and like you I wrote. I also dressed up and acted elaborate stories in my room haha All princess’ wear bed sheets right?

    1. I am so happy that we are so much alike. I know how you felt. That is exactly how it was for me while growing up. I’d always have my nose stuck in a book, or my fingers dirtied with pencil lead in my notebook.

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