What I’m Working On Wednesday {Currently in: South Africa}

Since I’m writing this post before I’m in South Africa, I know that I’ll be “being present” and soaking up the sun and the moment.

When you are with family that’s the most important thing to do.

What I’m Working On…

1.) I am soaking up ideas and writing in my journal about my current book that I’m writing.

2.) I’ll be brainstorming about the up and coming Life Writing Wanderlust Podcast! YES!

3.) We will take pictures. I am planning on doing a photoshoot in South Africa for pictures that I’ll use for my blog, vlog, podcast, and more.

4.) Before I left for South Africa, my sister, mom, and I were working on a quilt that I started when I was younger. Yup, I was cutting out squares. TONS of squares. So when I get home, I’ll start working on that again.

5.) Also I have some exciting publishing news that I’ll share more on soon.

What are some things that you are working on?