What I’m Reading This March 2019

In February, I read a bunch of books. It also probably helped because we were on vacation and at times didn’t have power, so reading was a nice way to relax. It really is such a nice way to unwind from a busy schedule. I decided that I’d read more often.

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The books that I decided to read in February:

How’d it go?

I read most of the books. There were a few I wasn’t able to finish. Here are some others I also read:

The only ones I wasn’t able to finish are:

Since I wasn’t able to finish those, they will go onto March’s reading list.

In March, I am planning to read:

I’m so excited about the books I was able to read last month. And I’m so excited to find out all the new fantastical places I’ll visit in March and also the things I’ll learn.