We Tidied Our Closet KonMari Style And Here’s What We Learned

You may know of the cute Japanese lady named Marie Kondo, who wrote that hit book The Art Of Tidying Up a few years ago and who now has her own Netflix show!

Have any of you seen it yet?

Johan and I have seriously been loving this show. I’m also so excited, because I recently got the book and have been reading it. Last year, I noticed that I’ve really gotten a bunch of clutter over the years and it stresses me out. So when I remembered Marie’s book, I couldn’t help but to give it a try! And so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Her Netflix show has had some real-life side affects. And what TV show has actually caused change in your life?

Yeah, you can’t really think of one off the top of your mind, right?

Well, this is one that has seriously caused change in our lives. And because of the work we put into tidying up our closet and clothing, its helped us be more relaxed! After watching the first episode, Johan and I found ourselves saying “We need to do that.”

So, what did we do?

Yep… you’ve got a good idea!

We Started Tidying Up – Marie Kondo Style

You guys, I seriously swoon when I see houses like this.

They seriously bring me so much joy. No clutter. Cozy perfection.

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Okay, one last photo here.

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Our place isn’t like this, currently.

But that’s my goal.

So We Started Out In The Messiest Place

Which is actually where Marie recommends starting: your clothing. I seriously learned so much from this experience.

I normally don’t like showing messy pictures from our house or messy photos in general, but I have to share this here and be honest so you guys can see the change!

So… I’m going to start by showing you this picture of our closet! *Just so you know, this takes guts. But I need to be brave!*

I know, super embarrassing. But what other way to show you are a real person? Am I right? Who’s closet doesn’t get this way once in awhile.

So Johan and I took all that clothing stuff and piled it on the bed.

We picked up each item and asked ourselves: “Do I like this?” and “Does it spark joy.”

Let me tell you, I knew that If I had to really ask myself that I’d put the clothing in the NO pile.

Marie teaches that when you find an item you don’t want that you need to thank it for helping you. So we did that. It helped us let go of things and feel good about it!

What We Learned From Going Through That Mountain Of Stuff

To make this fun and interesting, I’ll share what I learned and then ask Johan what he learned from it.

What I Learned:

  • I learned that I really don’t need that much clothing.
  • I connect clothing to memories.
  • I have a hard time getting rid of something that might fit when I get in shape. Instead of keeping them, I plan to take myself out to buy a few outfits (That spark JOY!) when I reach my goal weight to reward myself. Then I’m rewarding myself and then I’ll be able to get something I actually really love at that time, instead of wearing something that couldn’t be worn where I’m at now.
  • Some of the clothing I really loved that didn’t fit, I put in a suitcase with all the summer clothing I decided to keep, that way I can reassess them in the summer when I change out my closet to see if it fits then.
  • Also learned that when you empty your whole closet, you find clothing you completely forgot about. Favorites that felt down behind things and more. You find things.
This was the bottom of my pile. UFFDA… I was REALLY READY TO BE DONE!!!
  • Some of the clothing I’ll donate. But I also have a lot of NEW-ish clothing that I had only worn once. So anything that’s like that I’ve been having a closet sale and listing them on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve been having a successful time getting rid of clothing on there. I didn’t think I would. And before this I don’t think I would have ever bought clothing on there, but I see why people do. (No tax on the clothing, cheaper than getting it in stores, and saving money while wearing pre-loved clothing.) I really love Elsie’s idea on this, from A Beautiful Mess Blog. She’s opting in to only buy pre-loved clothing this year.
  • Last but not least, I think I am going to be a lot more mindful about what I have and throw out clothes when I need to so I don’t stock up on clothing.
  • This experience has made me think more intensely about having a real capsule closet and having more style with way less.
  • I’ll only buy things that actually SPARK JOY.
Yep, we were folding our clothing and Loki got curious and jumped in the drawer. He is so adorable!

What Johan Learned:

  • Learned that we have to be grateful for what we have and what we are getting rid of. Saying thanks
  • When you open a drawer and see everything folded nicely and how much joy that brings you, compared to how much stress you normally felt when opening a drawer to a mess of clothing.

Want To See Our Closets After?

But it’s a lot cleaner and less stressful than the before pictures, isn’t it?

It definitely feels a lot more airy and relaxing when I go to get dressed in the morning. I’ve found myself hanging my clothes up more often. Johan told me the other day when we was grabbing socks from his drawer that whenever he opens his socks and underwear drawer he feels so relaxed because its all there ready and folded. Resulting in = peace and rest for the mind.

I believe that tidying really does affect more than the physical. It also improves your mindset and the relationships of the people you live with. When things have a place and are put away after each use, there’s no stress because everyone knows where to put it when they are done with it.

I bet that Marie Kondo has helped many people improve their closets and dresser drawers in just the first few weeks of her Tidying Up Netflix show being on.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it!!

Have you watched it? If so, have you gone through your clothes yet?