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Whenever I think of “book clubs” I picture a close-knit group of people sitting around a living room on comfy couches with hot chocolate, laughter, and good discussions. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Don’t you think our world is missing out on that kind of community? I really do.

I feel like we join a mad-dash in the morning to get to work. People honk. People get Irate. Throughout the day people aren’t that understanding and can be disrespectful.

I want a world where we can have a community that gets along and encourages each other to live better lives.

So… I’d like to introduce you to my book club.

Join My Book Club

This January (on the 1st to be exact), I am going to be hosting a virtual book club on Facebook Live. I am so excited because in each book club meeting on Facebook Live I will read an excerpt from a chapter in my book Creating A Fit Life. Then we will chat about all the things that will make our lives better. I’ll also bring up some creative and actionable ideas to implement into your daily life to help you reach your goals.














Leading Up To The Book Club

In December, I am going to host a walking challenge to encourage movement and healthy living in the days leading up to Christmas.

We will walk 30 miles before Christmas.

Are you in for the walking challenge and the book club?

If you’d like to join in, you can get Creating A Fit Life here!

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