Use Ancestry DNA To Find Out What You’ve Been Wondering About Your Ancestry & Genealogy – My Ancestry DNA Results

Have you ever seen Outlander? I’ve seen a few episodes, but am seriously LOVING it. It got me thinking more about my family line and all of the people in my family tree.

It’s easy for us to think about our ancestors as a large group of unknown people. Or even easy to not think about them as live people with thoughts, doubts, loves, and fears. I think it’s kind of like the black and white photos. It makes them feel un-relatable somehow. But have you seen those images that have been digitally colored? The color brings them to life in a way that you didn’t see before when the image was just black and white. It’s sad, I know. Because it’s just as full of life in the black and white.

What if I could say there was something out there that would help you find out more about your family line, ethnicity, and genealogy?

Ancestry DNA has helped so many people find family and find lost puzzle pieces to their story. It was helpful for me, in pointing me where I need to look next and also connected me with potential living-relatives.

I’ve always enjoyed family history research

I’ll share some more about my Ancestry DNA results here down below. Ever since I was little, I’ve known that I had roots from these countries:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Germany

That’s all I really knew. Because my dad is half Norwegian and half Swedish. While all I knew about my mom’s side was my grandma was German.

Over the years, I learned a few more things about my ancestry and the people in my family tree, like Scottish preachers and being related to Scottish royalty (Mary Queen of Scotts.) Little did I know, I’d find out some more from Ancestry DNA.

Ancestry DNA For Christmas

My husband got me Ancestry DNA + Traits for Christmas last year and I was so excited about it, because I’ve wanted to do it since I heard of it.

Besides just telling you about where your DNA comes from in the world, it also told me my DNA traits and which areas those came from.

After taking the Ancestry DNA test. They updated you on the process and what stage your DNA research was at each stage. When it was finally ready, they sent me an email and said “Your results are in!”

Yup, I was excited.

When I opened it, I saw this cool map showing the areas where my DNA is from. So cool to see it like this on a map.

And then when you scroll down you can see your DNA percentages. Which is cool. I was right on the dot about the Norwegian, Swedish, and German ethnicity.

The percentages amazed me. The ethnicities that amazed me most was the “Finland” and the “Baltic States” one. It made me excited to find out more about my family from those areas as well. But it’s cool, because I found out that some of my cousins also took the test and through that I was able to find that the Finnish was through my dad’s side of the family. So he isn’t just Norwegian and Swedish, but also a little Finnish. Which is cool!

Speaking of finding living-relatives of mine like cousins, it found potential relatives in other areas of the country and world. Who I have reached out to and am working with to find out more about how we are connected in our DNA.

Your DNA Traits Are Quite Interesting

Going through the traits really amazed me, because through what they found in my DNA, they could tell my eye color, hair color, hair thickness, whether I like cilantro (which I do), whether I’m a sun sneezer (yes, that’s a thing. And no I am not a sun sneezer.) So it was kind of cool to see how all of that is wrapped up in your DNA.

Ever Wondered About Your Ethnicity & DNA?

If you’ve ever wondered about your family history and ethnicity, then you should take the Ancestry DNA test. We found out some really cool and interesting things about Johan’s family ethnicity, when he took it. I’ll share his results sometime later.

Another crazy thing is that if you take the test and your sister take the test, you won’t get exactly the same results. My sister took it too and she was more Norwegian than I was and I was more Swedish. Also Russian showed up in her list of ethnicities. So that’s really interesting.

It was well worth the price. If you want to take the Ancestry DNA test, you’ll get 15% off your kit when you use this link. Saving money totally helps right?

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