3 Things ‘The Princess Bride’ Taught Me About True Love

My deepest wish for every woman in the world is to find true love. I know that many people don’t believe in “True Love”

wuvIf you’ve seen The Princess Bride, you know this line well, “Wuv, Twue Wuv!” and that it really means “Love, true love!” I honestly wish they made more movies like this. Actually, I think tonight after I finish a bunch of editing I am going to watch it.

I know that true love exists and that it is real.  It’s a love bonding two people together who love and respect each other more than anything. (Click To Tweet) I know it exists, because I know true love. I have a true love.

True Love, The Princess Bride, Princess, Love, Long Distance Relationships, Engagement, Proposal, Engaged Check out my fairytale moment from 2014, here!

When I was younger I dreamt of meeting a man who would protect me, love me, and fight for me because I was worth it, to him. That I meant that much to him. I guess you could put it, that I wanted Westley to tell me “This is true love — you think this happens every day?”(Click To Tweet)

I wanted to have a man like Westley in The Princess Bride. I found mine. I hope you have too and if you haven’t, I know you will. Just make sure you look in the right places.

3 Things To Look In For Your Westley (True Love)

1. Does he respect you?

You want a man who is going to respect you. Check out this amazing post by a fellow writer about romance today. I totally agree with her about this. Our worldview seems to think we can push love into a dirty box and then put it in the box offices (aka 50 Shades of Grey) to show thousands of people explicit sex scenes and a man who holds no respect for his girl (or her body), because of some stupid contract. A contract for abuse. Don’t get me started. It’s really sad. Westley would drive a sword into Christian Grey’s chest.

What happened to seeing romance and true love like it really is? The kind where the man truly respects his madam. The kind where the lady loves to be wooed and treated like a lady.

With a man who respects you. (I know my Westley respects me)

2. Is he a Humperdink?

There are two types of guys out there. Good ones and bad ones, just like there is light and darkness. There is no grey in it. Westly and Humperdink.

Sadly, I can say I dated a Humperdink. I think every woman probably has. I was stuck in a horrid relationship that I couldn’t escape. Humperdink didn’t respect me and was emotionally and mentally abusive. (Click To Tweet)

Humperdink A guy who is driven by his own selfish desires. Doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants. Lies.

Westley A kindhearted man who cares deeply about the safety and happiness of his lady. He is driven by love, respect, and chivalry. He is trustworthy and worthy of your respect.

If you are dating a Humperdink… end it and get away from him. End it. You will never be able to change him into a Westley.(Click To Tweet) He has to want to change because he wants to.

Practice Buttercup’s turn when leaving your Humperdink.

3. Would he storm a castle and face death for you?

Okay so I wrote that a tad more adventurous than I’d meant to. Basically, it comes down to – would your man, your Westley protect you at all costs. Would he wield a sword and protect you from evil? Does he stand up for you when others say mean things? Does he look out for you?

I am so thankful to have found True Love. And I’m even happier that I know what true love is and that it means respect, trust, hope, faith, and many other amazing wonderful things all rolled up into two words: True Love. (Click To Tweet)

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s day. Don’t go see 50 Shades of Grey. Instead curl up on the couch with your sweetheart and watch a movie like this.

Or if you are like me and have a gigantic ocean separating you from your true love for Valentine’s Day, bundle yourself up in your favorite blanket and put Princess Bride in. Don’t forget chocolate. 🙂


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