The Vision & Heart Behind Life Writing Wanderlust

For most of my life, I’ve written stories. I’ve thought in stories. Stories were a form of survival for me, I believe.

I’ve loved telling stories about made-up characters and as time went on I started my first blog, that I thought of more like an online journal. Remember the blogging platform, Xanga? Yep, that’s a blast from the past.

As time went on, I graduated high-school and went to college, studied abroad in Australia, met the man of my dreams, graduated college, lived and worked in Las Vegas (I’m originally from the Midwest, so that was a bit too hot for me.), moved back to the midwest, survived and thrived in a long-distance relationship, and worked countless corporate jobs. While working, I almost constantly felt “What am I doing here? I’m not meant to do this.” or “I hate my job.”

So all while working, I kept writing. Not seriously or consistently. But I kept writing on the side.

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How Life Writing Wanderlust Came About?

A few months before my wedding, I was trying to decide what I was going to do with my online presence and writing identity. You see, for my whole life anything I’d written was written under my maiden name. Instead of keeping my writing under a name, I decided to have it under a name. That’s when I had to think about what I’d call myself. That’s when Life Writing Wanderlust, was born. I didn’t want to be stuck behind a name url. I wanted to write from a place of who I am as a writer — Life (life & business), Writing (blogging & publication), and Wanderlust (travel related).

  • I write about personal development, leadership skills, and how to live your best life. I find it deeply important that people love what they do. So I also share ways to help people do just that!
  • I write about writing, publishing, and blogging to share my journey, but also help you jump over valleys and pitfalls.
  • I write about wanderlust and travel. I also cover subjects on expat living, studying abroad, and long-distance relationships. I studied abroad in Australia and lived there for a year. My husband is from South Africa and Australia. That’s where we met. We were in a 5.5 year long-distance relationship and have now been in the same place happily married.

You can find out more about me & Life Writing Wanderlust here.