Jeff Goins’ “The In-between”

The In-between
I recently read Jeff Goins latest book The In-between which focuses on the moments in our lives where we have to wait. Jeff shares moments in his life where he had to wait. Those moments may have seemed more inconvenient than helpful, especially when you have to wait for things to happen. But, in the long run they were actually blessings.

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the ones you have to wait for. – Jeff Goins

That quote really struck me. How true? But, still it’s hard, right? Because my patience is something that is sometimes there and other times it isn’t. I think that’s the problem in our world today. We want it now. It’s a give me generation where we expect fast internet, fast food, and we want our prayers and questions about our future answered now.

When we are met with the answer “wait!” Or “be patient” it’s definitely hard and it almost feels undoable.


My In-between

It got me thinking a lot about my own life & that I could definitely be in what is considered as an In-between moment.

At my age there are many couples who have gotten married and are happily living in their dream houses with their dream jobs. I am currently living at home with my parents to save money, while looking for internships and jobs. I’m also doing freelance writing, which I totally enjoy. But, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming and hoping for my own place in the near future. This In-between is a good moment for me to finish things. To finish my book’s revisions, while figuring out what my next step is.

Having Returned

In January of 2013, I returned home from a year abroad in Australia. I had studied abroad there in 2010. Right before I left through the security my mom jokingly said, “don’t go over there and fall in love.” And to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to. Although, once I arrived – there were handsome men with beautiful accents from every corner of the world around me.
I ended up meeting a guy at church on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. Now, we have been dating for about 3 years and have crossed the Pacific quite a few times in order to spend time together in person.


…I long for the day that we won’t have to be apart.
…I long for the day that my book will be fully edited.
…I long for the day that I will get an agent.

There are quite a few things I long for. But, if I learned one thing from this book I learned that we need to live in and cherish the moments that we have… NOW.

Jeff’s book really resonated with me! I recommend it to all who want to find and cherish life in the in-between!

If you are or aren’t familiar with Jeff’s work be sure to check out his books! They are brilliant. And make you explore deeper into who you are.

What is your In-Between moment or moments?

6 thoughts on “Jeff Goins’ “The In-between”

  1. Devin,

    Thanks for sharing this. I understand the laborious editing book process-it’s work but can be fun. Sounds like you’re learning how to wait as your life is transitioning to a different season. It’s amazing what lessons we learn in the “in-between” that will help us when we arrive at certain destinations.

      1. Devin,

        Similar to you regarding my book process: waiting on beta-readers, polishing it up and deciding on publishing options. I want to learn these lessons now, so I don’t have to circle the same mountain again 🙂

        1. Isn’t it lovely to know though, that there are others out there going through similar things in the in-between? How exciting about your book… I am hoping to send out my manuscript to Beta readers within the next month. Thanks for sharing your in-between moment! 🙂 keep on keeping on! You’ll be rewarded in the long run!

  2. I loved when you said that the in between is a great time to finish things. Even though you might not seem like your life is “cool” right now because you live in the in between, your life sounded really awesome to me. I get Goins newsletters in the email, and I always love reading what he writes. Thanks Dev!

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