The Importance of Not Letting Energy Vampires Suck The Creative Energy Out of You

I have a habit.

It’s a bad habit. I tend to let energy vampires drain me of my creative energy. Do you have this problem too? It’s not a secret or habit I like. It’s something I’ve been learning to guard against. It’s important that you don’t let them do this to you, your creativity, or your business. Because these energy vampires are lurking in every area of your life.

Energy Vampire, Life Writing Wanderlust, Devin JoubertEnergy Vampires Are A Real Thing

Everyday people deal with them, but so did artists from long ago. There was a sculptor by the name of Constantin Brâncuși and he knew Picasso. But from what I read, it almost sounds like he wish he hadn’t known him.  He is known for saying, “Picasso is a cannibal,”

After spending any amount of time with Picasso, anyone who was present was bound to be worn out, while Picasso made off with their energy. He’d go to his studio and live off his victim’s energy.

Picasso was an energy vampire.

Picasso may have been a good artist, but man, I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to know him.

Do you know people like him? By now you can see the importance of note letting energy vampires drain you of your energy, right?

I know people like Picasso. Not in the way that they create paintings and sculptures, but that they have an art of sucking the energy from me.

I know of many in different areas of my life — they are in business, creative lifestyles, and more. 

How To Spot Your Energy Vampire?

Most likely, it’s in an area of your life that you are succeeding. They are people that want to thrive off of your excitement and energy about something. It’s usually something they like doing too. Just like how Brâncuși was an artist. So was Picasso.

In what area of your life, do you have an energy vampire?

In life?



It’s important to find the areas where the energy vampire might strike.

A person might be an energy vampire if they do this around you...

Your Energy Vampire:

  • Tries to wear you out.
  • They try to discourage you to succeed, and sometimes by trying to seem encouraging.
  • Will try remind you of your disappointments
  • Try to copy you. Honestly, energy vampires are a lot like copycats!

It’s super important that you spot this person and that you stop acting the way you are currently around them. You really don’t want to lose the energy.

When I recently came into contact with an energy vampire, I actually spent the next few days feeling so discouraged and tired. Which is awful for an entrepreneur, because if you don’t do anything, then you aren’t making money.

4 Things You Can Do To Ignore The Vampire

Now that you’ve spotted who your energy vampire is, it’s going to be important to change your course of action around them. Here are some things you can start doing differently.

1. Share Less With Your Vampire:

I’m the type of person who loves to share my secrets and how I’m succeeding so others can do it too. I want everyone to win.

Thing is though, not everyone wants to do the work to succeed. You can state why you are going to do it. But they are more interested in complaining about all the reasons why they can’t. And if you share your tips with them, they will like that, but at the same moment they will continue to complain about why they can’t do what they want to do.

In this situation, I’d recommend not sharing as much with them. Also maybe cut cords with chatting with them as often. Because after hearing all the reasons why you can’t do something, all of a sudden you start believing it about your self as well.

2. Block Them.

If they are always stealing your creative ideas and energy online, try blocking them. You don’t have time to deal with that. It’d work WAY better to just not having to deal with that.

3. Stop Hanging Out With Them As Much.

I once had a friend who I’d get together for coffee with, but after a while I found out all she liked doing when we were together was venting about work and how miserable she was. I’d try encourage her or change the topic, but it always went back to her work being so demanding and tough. I’m sorry, but everyone has demanding situations with their jobs.

That doesn’t mean that we have time to constantly listen to you talking about why your job and life are so miserable, if you aren’t going to do anything to improve it. This kind of goes into my next point.

4. Stop Trying To Help Them If They Aren’t Willing To Help Themselves.

This is a tough one, because I really believe in people and know they can become a better version of themselves if they want to. But I also believe in saving yourself from having to deal with the drama of vampires who just want to suck your energy and attention.

Take A Little Vacation From Your Energy Vampire

When you take a little vacation from your vampire, you’ll see how much energy you were losing. I’m an introvert, so I automatically know when I need to get out from around people to get home and recharge. But I VERY quickly notice when a person is draining me. It feels like I’m collapsing from the inside out.

Know that feeling?

Get out. Get out. Get out. Is what my inside mind starts screaming.

How do you deal with your energy vampire?