The Fourth Quarterly Goals For 2017

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last quarter of 2017. How did the year go by SO FAST.

I have so many things I want to get done before the end of the year.

Something I’ve been realizing about my goal making is that in the past I haven’t been as specific as I should have been. So this quarter, I’m setting goals along with time goals to have things done by so I can keep myself accountable better.

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In the business world, I’ve known some people who set these goals to have things done by, and then they never reach their goals because they aren’t SMART goals. They aren’t specific, they aren’t realistically measurable, they aren’t achievable (because no one knows what they are supposed to be doing by when), they definitely aren’t realistic, and they aren’t timely.

So I’m not going to be like that. I’m going to be SMART with my goals, so I can accomplish MORE.

The Fourth Quarter of 2017

October, November, & December

  • Work for myself. DONE. YAY!

  • Get my Red Jacket for Mary Kay. (three team members)
  • Finish my current WIP by Early December.
  • Release current WIP’s title.
  • Get current WIP to critique partner by beginning of December.
  • Get current WIP to beta readers by middle of December.
  • Send WIP to editor by end of December.
  • Write up the design documents for new WIP in November.
  • Find my FitBit charger by end of November. (I misplaced it when moving and need it for training!)
  • Walk 10k steps a day!
  • Finish new WIP by end of December. (Pull a NaNoWriMo in December)
  • Finish working on LDR book with my husband. (We are going to launch that into the public in February.)

Some Moments From Last Quarter

We got Johan’s interview date for his green car FINALLY!!! Let me tell you it’s been a looooong wait. We are so thankful it’s come!! God is good!!

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Last night was a lovely night for grilling! We had an absolutely amazing time!

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This week and weekend we had a lot of fun. We were able to finish our green card process with the green cherry on top of the immigration sundae: the green card interview. 🍒 __________ Besides that we were really happy to get away for a long week/end away. We’ve needed it. We slept in, had breakfast in the mornings, set off at our leisurely pace, went on hikes, and took a surprise trip to Wisconsin, went on a lovely dinner cruise, and last but not least spent an amazing time with my husband chatting about our lives and dreams! _________ This weekend showed us more than ever how much we want to work for ourselves so we can live the lives we’ve always wanted to. No waiting till 50 to live the dream. We are starting now!! ⭐️

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We went down for Johan’s Immigration Interview and it went very good. I was just happy to have it done with so we could go enjoy the rest of our time in the cities.

We are all moved out of our old townhouse! Yay! That is a big job done! Now, back to normal life! 🎉

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Setting Goals In 2017

I feel like I got a lot of things accomplished this year, but in the same breath it feels like I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d have liked to since I was working full time.

But I’m absolutely excited about what this quarter holds. There are so many exciting things ahead.

And I’m even more excited about what 2018 holds.

What about you? What are your plans for the last quarter of the year?

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