How Understanding Your Emotions Makes You a Better Writer

I’d like to invite Katie Milton back to the blog. Give her a warm welcome. Today she will be talking about understanding your emotions and how that will make you a better writer.

Photo Credit : Katie Milton
Photo Credit : Katie Milton

We’ve all met that stoic face behind the cash register at our neighborhood box store. They listlessly scan our items and they inattentively place them in bags. The dollar amount is mumbled as we hand over a fistful of money. It is vanilla, it is plain, it is bland. We are no better or worse than we were when we entered the store.

Compare that to the presumed crazy guy behind the counter that looks you in the eye when he says, “Good Morning!” — And he means it! He sings and undulates his hips in dance like maneuvers as he counts your change. This guy has you putting down your smartphone giving him your full attention as you wonder what he is drinking in his coffee mug. You wonder if his past life included guest performances on Sesame Street.

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