4 year (Blog) Anniversary, already?

IMG_60914 years ago…

It’s crazy to think that it’s my blog’s 4th anniversary today and about how much I’ve done in the past 4 years.

4 years ago I was a Senior majoring in English/mass communications and a certificate in Publishing at Minnesota State University of Moorhead. I was flying to Australia to spend a semester studying abroad. Actually at this very moment, 4 years ago – I had already been in Australia for about a week or a little under.

It’s crazy because, if you told me to look ahead – I’d probably not have imagined it all.

Here are some pics from the past 4 years.

Me in Brisbane
Me in Brisbane
At my desk at uni (university)
At my desk at uni (university)
My lovely friend Sonja from Germany and I! :)
My lovely friend Sonja from Germany and I! 🙂

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A Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self…

I decided to write a letter to my 13-year-old self. I’ve learned many things since being 13. Who hasn’t, right? But since I am 25, I thought I’d write one now to myself. I was in 7th grade. Remembering that year brings back many memories, and not all great ones. It was a tough year for me. I had always been a creative person. I’d walk to the beat of my own drum and I really didn’t care what people thought of me. I didn’t want to be like the popular girls and I didn’t want to do stuff like everyone else did. I was myself and I was fine with that. Because of that difference I was bullied a lot. I wrote this letter a few months ago when I was in Australia.


Dear 13-year-old Devin,

I sit in another country writing this note.

You are only 13. A new teenager.

This year is going to be a big year for you and also for your country. I can only tell you so much right now. Continue reading “A Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self…”