FAQ : Behind the Scenes of My Business

I am really excited to give a behind the scenes glimpse of my business. I really love and enjoy what I do, and I hope I can inspire you to do what you love. Many of you probably know that I recently quit my day job and that I’ve been working for myself. I’ve been loving it. If you’d like more on that, go here.

devin joubert

Question 1: What’s your two to three sentence bio? 

Devin Joubert is a multi-passionate creative. She is a creative fiction writer and blogger, website designer, as well as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Family is extremely important to me. I love creating stories to change lives. I am working toward agent representation.

Question 2: What’s the favorite part of your job?


I love that I get to sip a chai latte, while focusing on building a story that readers will be able to relate to.

Mary Kay:

Honestly, I really love encouraging women and showing them how to feel better about themselves inside and out. I believe we need community.


Another thing I really enjoy is having the freedom to choose my schedule. No more time restricted lunch breaks or asking to get days off for things. I feel so much freer and happier than I did before. Besides, I’m doing what I love!

Question 3: What’s your least favorite part of your job?

I have a few of these:

  • Not having enough hours in a day.
  • Running to the post office.
  • Buying groceries.
  • Making food.

Guess this just told me I should hire a maid and a person to run errands for me.

Question 4: What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?

I love using Scrivener, the notes app on my Iphone, and good old fashioned notebooks & pens. Continue reading “FAQ : Behind the Scenes of My Business”