1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been married for a year.

It’s so hard to believe that the last year has gone by so fast.

Over the past year, we went through a ton of different things. I love this adventure we are in together. I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else.

Wanted to celebrate June 11th (Which was yesterday… I was on the road and couldn’t publish this because I was in and out of WIFI.) and share some pictures from our special day last year!! We had such a lovely day! I’ll forever hold these memories close to my heart! So thankful!

In Our First Year Of Marriage We:

  • Took countless trips to fun places: South Dakota, Montana, Duluth, M.N., Medora, N.D., and Minneapolis & Itasca, M.N. as well!
  • Went to a blogger conference. My husband was the most supportive husband there. He was so supportive of me there.

For The Many Adventures Ahead…

It’s been a year and I look forward to the many years (& adventures) ahead.


In A Complicated Relationship With Your Characters?

I have a few chapters I am pulling apart with a deeper edit. I can’t wait to be done. Then I can share with you all the things I’ve learned from writing and editing and revising this book. This post of mine was originally published on The Write Practice, but I thought I’d share it with you all here. 🙂

I sat at the computer rubbing my brow. I’d written at least 60,000 words in my work in progress so far and my main character was still giving me a hard time. Others were having temper tantrums, standing in the shadowed corner of my mind with their arms crossed.

No matter what I did, they wouldn’t speak to me and they wouldn’t move from the shadows.

I followed all the tips I could find on inspiration and getting out of writer’s block, but I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t speaking to me. Have you ever felt this way? Or experienced something similar? Have you ever been in a complicated relationship with your characters?

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