Why I Left A Career In Publishing

There comes a time in a writer’s life where they need to make a very tough and important decision.

First off, a little back story: I went to college for English/mass communications with a certificate in publishing. I did multiple publishing internships and built a great portfolio (online and offline). Besides being an author, my dream was to work in publishing. For the last four years, I’ve been working in some form of publishing, which was a dream come true!

I’ve worked as an editor/writer at a couple different magazines.

While enjoying my last magazine job, I started feeling like I wasn’t dedicating enough time to my writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I was writing.

And writing a lot.

But I felt like I wasn’t chasing my writing dreams of being an author.

That’s when I decided to make a decision. A hard one.

I decided to find a job outside of publishing, so I could spend more time focusing on my writing goals.

So that’s what I did. I found a job where I could pick my hours and leave work at work, so I can focus on my writing.

I was just listening to a publishing podcast the other day while running, and they were talking about that same situation. They noted as well, that there comes a time in a writer’s life where they have to make a decision to either stay in their publishing role writing and publishing things that aren’t their projects OR find a way they can write and publish their own projects.

I am super thankful for the publishing jobs I’ve had in the past and really feel like I learned a lot and improved myself as writer. But am so thankful for the time that I get to chase my dreams as a published author now.

What about you? Are you a writer (who wants to be an author) who is working in publishing? Or were you once?

Writing Your Novel’s Premise & Pitch

The premise and pitch of your novel are important. Having them figured out before you finish your novel will help you know where your novel is headed. You could almost consider them to be maps to the rest of your novel.novel, writing, premise, pitch, writer, Devin Berglund

The Premise – 

The premise is a core statement that can usually be put into one sentence. It shows “What happens to the characters as a result of the actions of a story.” James N. Frey said.

On Writer’s Digest they covered the premise of The Three Little Pigs which is “Foolishness leads to death, and wisdom leads to happiness.” See how it isn’t telling about the characters or the story? One thing to remember is that every story has only one premise.

Your premise is the root idea of your story, in other words it is the foundation supporting the rest of your novel. It supports your entire plot.

When you figure out your premise you will have a much easier time writing your book, because it will drive the actions of your characters throughout the novel.

Once you’ve written the premise you can create a plot that proves your premise. It’ll help you create a story that works.

How About You?

Think about your story and craft yourself a premise statement.

The Pitch – 

I have found a few formulas online for writing your pitch. I really like the one on Kristen Lamb’s website.

Hook + Character intro + First Plot Point + Closing Scene (Optional).

Another one I like is the one on Nathan Brandsford’s page.


Be Sure to Answer These:

  1. Who is the protagonist?
  2. Am I using active verbs?
  3. Is the protagonist’s goal visible?
  4. Who is the antagonist? Or the problems trying to stop the protagonist?
  5. What are the stakes?

Share your premise and/or your pitch in the comments below.

Don’t Rush it…{about indie & self publishing}

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden
Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

Since, I just finished indie publishing a short story (and ran an online launch), I thought I would come out with some tips and pointers on what to do and what not to do when you release your baby into the world. This goes for traditional, indie, and self publishing. But I mostly want to point this out to people who are going to Self Publish or Indie Publish. This is going to be a straight forward post on why it is important (to your professionalism as an author) that you don’t RUSH IT.

Continue reading “Don’t Rush it…{about indie & self publishing}”

Why Traditional Publishing is a lot Like Dating

This is a post where I compare traditional publishing to dating… never thought of that before, right? haha…
(I will be sure to do a post on self-publishing and Indie Publishing – because they are hard too. I think any form of good publishing is hard.) I am in the process of writing a Dating/Writing Series… haha… It is exciting! Check out here if “you are in a complicated relationship with your characters”

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden
Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

Do you remember the days when you first started dating?

What are the things that you felt?

Did excitement and adventure circle into your blood stream? I know it did for me. And honestly, I still feel this way with my boyfriend. (I mean for goodness sakes, we are in a long distance relationship… what an adventure.)

But I remember when I was just finding myself as a teenager and how I couldn’t wait to start dating. Every time I saw a cute guy, I started daydreaming. Could that be him? haha… I know… but that is what I’d think. I feel like this is also similar to the publishing life. Continue reading “Why Traditional Publishing is a lot Like Dating”