Out of South Africa

In Love in South Africa

I am back from South Africa. It was so beautiful. Now I am all inspired and ready for the New Year! Have you written up your New Year’s Resolutions? (I did. Read mine here.)

© Devin Berglund, South Africa РSwartberge (Black Mountains)

Often, when South Africa or anywhere in Africa comes to mind, many people get images of women balancing baskets or jugs of water on their heads, while walking down gravel paths that run throughout the countryside. Or they think of the mud huts that people must live in or the wild lions and animals that roam the country.

Thing is, South Africa is actually a very modernized country, but if I might say I often felt like it was part 1st world country and part 3rd world country as there were really lovely areas, but also very dirty and poor areas as well. Oh, and side note… there are no wild lions or dangerous animals roaming around. (All the wild and dangerous animals are in the reserves, which have fences keeping them in.) Continue reading “Out of South Africa”