How To Plan A Wedding With Less Stress

I sat at my parent’s kitchen table with a large checklist in front of me and the list of people we were inviting to our wedding. Emotions and events from the week had snuck up and weighed me down. It really overwhelmed me. And since my then fiancé was too far away to give me a hug, it was just harder than it needed to be.

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Wedding planning can go a little like that. Emotions. And it doesn’t help even more when outside stresses push on you as well.

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1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been married for a year.

It’s so hard to believe that the last year has gone by so fast.

Over the past year, we went through a ton of different things. I love this adventure we are in together. I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else.

Wanted to celebrate June 11th (Which was yesterday… I was on the road and couldn’t publish this because I was in and out of WIFI.) and share some pictures from our special day last year!! We had such a lovely day! I’ll forever hold these memories close to my heart! So thankful!

In Our First Year Of Marriage We:

  • Took countless trips to fun places: South Dakota, Montana, Duluth, M.N., Medora, N.D., and Minneapolis & Itasca, M.N. as well!
  • Went to a blogger conference. My husband was the most supportive husband there. He was so supportive of me there.

For The Many Adventures Ahead…

It’s been a year and I look forward to the many years (& adventures) ahead.