Are You In A Long Distance Relationship?

Guess what?

Johan and I are writing a book.

And it’s not just any book. It is going to be full of tips on how to make your long-distance relationship THRIVE, as well as, some stories from our long-distance relationship.

We originally wanted to put out a long-distance relationship magazine, but figured a book would be a better place to begin. Here’s a little vlog video that we created last summer.

We aren’t currently releasing new videos weekly, but I have some saved up that I will share soon!

When the launch of our book gets closer, we will be doing some NEW videos!

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We were in a long-distance relationship for 5.5 years. I met Johan when I went to study abroad in 2010. We made the distance work for us and now we are together in the same place.

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Why did you name your vlog “Wolfland Magazine?”

We were inspired by wolves and good qualities that they held.

Wolves have three attributes that we really value and believe has a lot to do with successful long distance relationships. And crazy enough, they actually all begin with a C.

Commitment: Wolves are committed as they mate for life.

Community: They have wolf packs, which is a community that will help them thrive in the dangerous wild.

Communication: They also communicate across the distance with howling.

8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren’t Together For The Holidays

It’s that bittersweet time of the year again, isn’t it?

It’s the time of the year where there are parties and get together’s. Your work might even host a dinner or get together, but since you are in a long-distance relationship, your partner isn’t here and if you are going to attend, you will have to attend without your plus one. That makes for a lot of awkward moments and stares. Maybe not, but that’s at least how it feels when you see your coworker with her husband or your boss with his wife. Everyone has their partner there, except for you.

8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren't Together For The Holidays

9 Ways To Deal With Not Being Together During The Holidays

I know how hard this is. Your partner would be there in a heartbeat if they could, but it’s just they aren’t able to, because of where they are and where you are. Distance can be a jerk sometimes.

In this post, you’ll find out some things you can do to make the holidays easier for you and your love. Continue reading “8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren’t Together For The Holidays”

A Letter To The Couple In A Long Distance Relationship

This is a letter to the couple in a long-distance relationship. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you are in the right place. Or do you know a couple in a long-distance relationship? Shoot this to a friend who might be in one.

long-distance relationships

Dear Couple In A Long-Distance Relationship,

I want you to know you aren’t alone.

Even on those really hard days when all you need is a hug from your partner, but you can’t because you aren’t in the same place. Believe me, I know how you feel. I was right where you are, two years ago. And we were in one for a total of 5.5 years.

There were many beautiful times and some hard times as well.

Sometimes we were apart for longer and other times we got to see each other more frequently.

There were people who understood us and our journey, while there were some who didn’t get it and questioned us. And rudely. But I want you to know, people can be small minded when it comes to things they aren’t familiar with. Don’t blame them. Be patient with them. Smile and wave.

There were people who believed in us and others who didn’t want it to work out.

But the most important thing was… that we saw each other as important and that we MADE time for each other.

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An Introduction, In Case You Don’t Know Our Long-Distance Relationship Story.

My name is Devin Joubert, which is pronounced “yo-bear” like if you were to say: “Yo! Bear, what’s up!” My maiden name (Berglund) is Scandinavian, so it was a big change to the french last name. But I love it all the same. I am from the American midwest and am usually asked about where I’m from because of my accent. I live in Fargo, N.D., yes, like the movie. (But, I don’t think we really talk like that.)

In 2010, I went to study abroad, on the Sunshine Cost of Australia. That’s on the East Coast, if you are unfamiliar with Australia’s geography.

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When there I met Johan, this funny boy with a cute accent and a laugh I couldn’t resist. We quickly became friends. And then a couple months before I had to go home to the States, Johan and I decided to take the jump to try and give a Long-Distance relationship a try. Continue reading “An Introduction, In Case You Don’t Know Our Long-Distance Relationship Story.”

How To Plan A Wedding With Less Stress

I sat at my parent’s kitchen table with a large checklist in front of me and the list of people we were inviting to our wedding. Emotions and events from the week had snuck up and weighed me down. It really overwhelmed me. And since my then fiancé was too far away to give me a hug, it was just harder than it needed to be.

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Wedding planning can go a little like that. Emotions. And it doesn’t help even more when outside stresses push on you as well.

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1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been married for a year.

It’s so hard to believe that the last year has gone by so fast.

Over the past year, we went through a ton of different things. I love this adventure we are in together. I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else.

Wanted to celebrate June 11th (Which was yesterday… I was on the road and couldn’t publish this because I was in and out of WIFI.) and share some pictures from our special day last year!! We had such a lovely day! I’ll forever hold these memories close to my heart! So thankful!

In Our First Year Of Marriage We:

  • Took countless trips to fun places: South Dakota, Montana, Duluth, M.N., Medora, N.D., and Minneapolis & Itasca, M.N. as well!
  • Went to a blogger conference. My husband was the most supportive husband there. He was so supportive of me there.

For The Many Adventures Ahead…

It’s been a year and I look forward to the many years (& adventures) ahead.


Long-Distance Relationship Con’s

Just as there are pro’s in every situation, there are also con’s. These will be good to know so that you and your partner can stand up against them and thrive across the distance. Here are a couple of the different con’s to being in a long-distance relationship:

Con #1: You can’t get a hug when you need one.

Con #2: You have to save up and plan ahead, in order, to see each other.

Con #3: You have to plan when to chat inside of time zones.

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Con #4: Normal events aren’t as fun because they aren’t there with you.

Con #5: You don’t get to learn your person’s everyday things, especially if you’ve never visited their home and the place when they live.

Con #6: Airport good-byes!

No matter the difference between the Pro’s and Con’s, I’m happier everyday that Johan and I made it work.