My Summer So Far…

My summer has been busy.

How about yours?

I wish that my summer could be as carefree as they were when I was little. They were the days of laying on the hammock reading all day, while listening to the birds singing and the wind whispering through the tree’s leaves. But now, summer… is a lot like all year long.

Summer, Las Vegas, Life, Devin BerglundI wake up at around 7 am. Go for a run or a walk with my fiancé and then take a shower. This summer I was lucky to have my fiancé here with me for 6-weeks. He spoiled me with amazing breakfast and surprised me with lavish dinners when I came home from a long day at work.

By 9 am, I’m at work. I really love having a job. It really creates a sense of financial peace knowing that you can make enough to meet needs, but also to enjoy life.

But, I’ve also found that I want to have more of a passive income lifestyle. That would allow me to live the way I want to.  Continue reading “My Summer So Far…”

Running & Writing in Viva Las Vegas

Devin’s Las Vegas Update:

I’ve been running tons and writing tons. Also feel like it’s been a while since I last gave you all an update on living in Las Vegas.


Just got back from Florida. I did the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World. Went there for a week and enjoyed family time with my parents and brother. It was really nice.

A picture I snapped from the air looking down on Vegas when I got back.

List of things I’ve done since being in Vegas

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Getting Settled Into Vegas & This Week’s Goals

 It’s officially been a little more than a week in Vegas for me. I’ve been busy getting settled into Vegas.

Las Vegas, writing, Devin Berglund, Story, Blogging

And that means some touristy things as well. I’ve actually never had a photo next to the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. And to make it even more Vegas cliché, I might add that an overweight Elvis took our photos.

But besides all the touristy things one can get up to in Vegas, you might be surprised to know that really Vegas isn’t “JUST” the Strip. That is really the main reason why people come to Vegas. The Strip.

The majority of people who live in Vegas rarely go to the Strip. Vegas outside of the Strip, is kind of more so small town-ish feeling. I mean the traffic can be crazy and so can the lines in the Costco.

I have NEVER seen a Costco so crowded. And just so you know… the lines go on and on for ages.
My lovely man, Johan sent me a housewarming gift. What an awesome man. Love him so much and miss him.
Also found an amazing running path right in my neighborhood.
Also found an amazing running path right in my neighborhood.
Celebrated my 27th Birthday with my parents at BJs. LOVE BJs!
My new office for writing. Along with one of my favorite Mexican sodas - Jarritos Pineapple Soda.
My new office for writing. Along with one of my favorite Mexican sodas – Jarritos Pineapple Soda.

This weeks goals –

(bigger and smaller things that need to be done.)

  1. Write for Dancing Poet Creative Media and finish putting together the 30- Day Social Media Blast Class
  2. Get the Wireless Network working on my Xbox
  3. Run a few errands (Kohls and Hobby Lobby)
  4. Write a short story
  5. Get a 6-mile run in by the end of the week

Next Weeks Goals – 

  1. Apply for jobs
  2. Start planning Dancing Poet Creative Media’s 30- Day Social Media Blast Class Launch Party.
  3. Work on 30- Day Social Media Blast Class  UPDATE: 4/18/15 Which you can get for FREE when you sign up for Dancing Poet Creative Media’s newsletter
  4. Put together Pamphlet for Dancing Poet Creative Media’s Social Media Services
  5.  Start pre-planning and cooking my own food. All Julie & Julia like. I like that movie.
  6. Run at least 10 miles by end of week.


Introducing: A Country Girl’s Adventures In Vegas

I moved to Vegas. Never saw myself moving here, before.

For real… I’m in Vegas! It’s hard to believe, but it’s real!

Vegas, writing, Devin Berglund, Las Vegas

So far, it’s been lovely and I don’t even need to wear a jacket.

My sister moved to London, as she is studying abroad. I just arrived in Vegas yesterday and I am looking for a job in social media. I’ve blog coached countless clients and managed social media for a few businesses in Minnesota. But, since I am going to be doing a Visa application later this year for Johan to come here, I need to have a bigger job where I will be paid more.

I want to bring you along on my new adventure, here in Vegas. An adventure full of writing, running, new journeys in a new place.

I want to welcome you to my new blog series – A Country Girl’s Adventure in Vegas!