What I Want For Christmas…

Peace & Good Will To All Men!

Don’t you just love that song, “All… I want for Christmas… Is you!” I do.

This is what I want for Christmas.

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Every year around this time people start making lists and checking them twice. There might be a few things I can think of that I want for Christmas, but I feel that as each year goes by you find yourself wanting more life things like: happiness, health, joy, no fears, and many blessings rather than material items. So I decided to make a list of things that I’d like for Christmas.

What I Want For Christmas…

  1. Safe travels. (I will be in South Africa for Christmas.)
  2. To have a blessed amazing time with Johan & to make new exciting memories.
  3. Happiness.
  4. Joy.
  5. Get some ideas for my new book written down in my journal.
  6. Health. (when traveling, flying, and just all around health for me, Johan, my family, and his family).
  7. Blessings.

What do you want for Christmas, this year? 

4 Lessons I Learned From Running My First 10k

IMG_62846 am. It was completely misty out. It was challenging, because this was a huge thing for me. I was going to run a 10k. MY FIRST. EVER. IMG_6236I never thought I’d be a runner.

I’ve been training to run long distances all year and I really love it, now. Am I crazy to say that? Probably, but oh well!

At one time, I was just someone who would rather sit and do nothing, but now I am active as can be. Have you ever felt you’d rather do nothing than work out? If so, read on.

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Have Happiness…

Do You Have Happiness?

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Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

I am back.

So apparently today is called the “most depressing day” and I don’t know why someone would set a day up to be depressing. Who wants to have a depressing day? Not me.

I remember many years ago on my birthday (January 24th) I woke up to hear the newsman say that it was “the most depressing day”. It wasn’t very enjoyable to hear that. How pessimistic.

Why not instead say it is the most joyous day, because you can make anything of it. It is a new day – full of opportunity.

haha… end of mini rant.

I just got back from being in Florida for a few weeks. It was a nice break from the cold weather and such. And Johan really enjoyed Disney. No one does themes and fun like Disney. Which reminds me, did you know Disney had been let go from his job at a newspaper because the editor said he lacked inspiration. Yes, the editor actually said that. Isn’t that bologna. haha.

But yes, How have you all been? Continue reading “Have Happiness…”

Thoughts on Peace Over The Past Week

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” -Matthew 5:14-15

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This post was hard to write. Sometimes words come out of me so easily, but then other times when tough things happen it’s like my words sizzle into nothing like water on scorching hot rock. They disappear. Click to Continue