Jeff Goins’ “The In-between”

The In-between
I recently read Jeff Goins latest book The In-between which focuses on the moments in our lives where we have to wait. Jeff shares moments in his life where he had to wait. Those moments may have seemed more inconvenient than helpful, especially when you have to wait for things to happen. But, in the long run they were actually blessings.

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the ones you have to wait for. – Jeff Goins

That quote really struck me. How true? But, still it’s hard, right? Because my patience is something that is sometimes there and other times it isn’t. I think that’s the problem in our world today. We want it now. It’s a give me generation where we expect fast internet, fast food, and we want our prayers and questions about our future answered now.

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Can’t Wait for Him to Arrive Tomorrow…

How has the beginning of summer been for everyone?

I’ve been having a grand ole’ time.

My boyfriend just got to Sydney, Australia and will be catching his next flight in the morning (Australia time). I am getting excited that he will be here tomorrow night. Time changes are different aren’t they? But, yes… I am definitely excited. It has been about 5 months since I last saw him. Crazy, right? I have been writing articals and blog entries on long distance relationships. Who would be interested in seeing some of them? I believe they would be very helpful to others in long distance relationships. They aren’t easy – but most definitely worth it. Continue reading “Can’t Wait for Him to Arrive Tomorrow…”