If You Could Accomplish One Thing In The New Year… What Would It Be?

The New Year is Coming!
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In the year of 2014, if I could accomplish only one thing it would be to find an agent/publisher for The Mason of Hearts. Maybe you could count that as two things, but yes, that is what I would accomplish if I could choose to accomplish anything.

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On Hope : Have You Ever Lost Someone?

Photo Credit : Devin Berglund

Have you ever lost someone?

One fine autumn morning, I was walking to my college class. Leaves floated around in the blue sky and rustled on the sidewalk. It was the perfect day. Once I got to class, I sat down next to my friend. Class hadn’t started yet, but my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the name – it was my dad. I wouldn’t have normally answered a call so close to class, but lifted the phone to my ear.

“Hey Daddy!”

“Hi. Devin.” Daddy said.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well, are you sitting down.” Right as he asked me this, I looked around at my friends. Then I got up and walked into the hallway to sit at a bench. I remember the sunlight shining through the window. It was the perfect day, but not for this kind of conversation. Continue reading “On Hope : Have You Ever Lost Someone?”