Relaxation Techniques For Creatives

You are sitting at your desk in the middle of the day and your eyes are starting to give. You look out the window and wish you were outside instead.

I know I have that feeling once in awhile. I’ve been really focusing on trying to be healthier lately. Mindfulness, healthfulness, and rest all intertwine when it comes to being a happier and healthier creative.

So I thought I’d put together a post filled with ways you can find time to workout, do yoga, breathing, and other relaxation techniques that can help you feel more balanced throughout your days.

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Yoga & Stretches For Your Days

1. Are your fingers tired? Give them a break.

Are you spending a lot of time at the computer/keyboard typing? I definitely am. Here’s a simple exercise to loosen up those fingers.

2. Get your wrists moving.

If your wrists get sore throughout the day, then you’ll love this. It feels amazing!

3. Refresh your posture and breathing at work.

Ever feel like you are a step away from turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame when your at work? Here are some stretches for that:

4. Are you feeling stressed?

Deadlines are fast approaching you, people keep adding things to your to do list, and you also have to run errands after work. This all adds stress to your life. Take a couple moments to let go of the stress by doing this stretching exercise. You could even get a blanket out in the park and then stretch it out. These relaxation techniques will solve the stress issues:

5. Maybe stretch at your desk.

Somedays it’s hard to get away from your desk. (Even though I recommend that you always try to get away for good chunks where you can get some steps in.) These will help you stretch it out if you sit a lot throughout the day.

6. Yoga breathing to awaken your creativity?

Follow these breathing exercises to bring in more creativity:

7. Get rid of tension and stress before bedtime with bedtime yoga.

Doing so, will help you get rid of stiffness. Try stretch it out before bed and after you wake up in the morning.

8. Try sneak in a morning yoga session.

This will get your day started in the right direction. It’s also a good way to make sure you aren’t stiff in the morning.

9. Get rid of tension by rolling it out.

Do you hold a lot of tension in your neck, shoulders, and back? If so, you should look into getting a foam roller. I love mine. They are amazing. I have two. It’s almost like having your own personal back masseuse, which is awesome right? I always try to foam roll my neck and back in the morning and at night. The actual foam roller exercise starts at 2:17.

Mindfulness Practices To Relax Your Mind And Help You Get More Creative

In order to create awesome things, we need to be able to relax and recharge our minds so we can continue to create and work at the speed that we currently are.

I’ve collected some awesome sites that have some calming music and meditation noises below, just for you.

A note about music: Can you work with music that has lyrics? I really can’t, so I focus on instrumental soundtracks, classical music, and nature sounds. And while at work sometimes I need to just tune out everything so that I can listen to my mind. Our world is so busy and loud that sometimes you forget to listen to—yourself.

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Marie Forleo’s Meditation Practice – Make sure you download her mp3. It’s very relaxing.

Calm – This has a variety of nature sounds that you can listen to.


If you don’t take care of yourself, life won’t be as easy. That means physically and mentally. Give yourself some self-love. You deserve it.

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Are You Ready For An Awesome Book Club?

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Ever longed for a tightly knit group of friends who love discussing books? And chatting about things that can improve your lifestyle? Like healthy ways to eat better or how to get more steps in a day, while working a desk job?

If so, you are in the right place. Because this March, we will be having a book club focusing on Creating A Fit Life – A Woman’s Guide To Being A Fit Creative In An Unfit World. It will be held on my Facebook page (and Instagram Live), where I will do a Facebook (& Insta) Live video for each section.

Here is the link to where all the action is going to happen!

If you want to join on Instagram, go here.

Goody Bag and Buy Book Special

If you buy the book, Creating A Fit Life – A Woman’s Guide To Being A Fit Creative In An Unfit World, on Amazon then send me an email to devinberglund(at)live(dot)com (with CAFL Book Club in the Subject Line. This is very important!), with your email receipt to receive the book goody bag that’ll help you reach your creative and fitness goals this month.

Your Goody Bag Includes

Everyone loves a goody bag filled with fun stuff, right?

This is what is included in your goody bag:

  • Coloring sheets (Worth $30)
  • 3 printable motivational art pieces (worth $20 each)
  • Creative Reader To Inspire You To Live An Inspired Life Daily (Worth $25)
  • Video (Worth $30)
    = $105 total

That means you’ll actually get $105 worth of awesome goodies to help you on this create a fit lifestyle journey. And all for the price of the book.

Book Club Schedule

The book club will be held at 12:10pm central time and will run for 10-15 mins.

Monday, March 6th – Topic: Choose Yourself (Chapter 1 + 2)

Wednesday, March 8th – Topic:  A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Chapter 3)

Friday, March 10th – Topic: What About Those Naggy Thoughts? (Chapter 4)

Monday, March 13th – Topic: When People Disappoint (Chapter 5)

Wednesday, March 15th – Topic: Things That Can Hurt Your Confidence (Chapter 6)

Friday, March 17th – Topic: I Have Confidence (Chapter 7)

Monday, March 20th – Topic: A Great Place To Begin (Chapter 8)

Wednesday, March 22nd – Topic: Everyone Needs to Eat (Chapter 9)

Friday, March 24th – Topic: Fitness and Happiness at a 9–5 (Chapter 10 +11)

Monday, March 27th – Topic: Relaxation and Meditation at Work (Chapter 12)

Wednesday, March 29th – Topic: For When You Are Sick (or Just Tired) (Chapter 13)

Friday, March 31st – Topic: The Triple R (Chapter 14)

Itinerary Of Each Book Club Session

We will meet around the noon hour and I will read a section from the book. And then will give an action step for the day.

I really look forward to having you join us. Be sure to join the fun!

Creating A Fit Life With What We Eat

Creating A Fit Life is launching on October 20th! I am so excited about this book. It’s an inspiring book that will encourage you to create your best life possible, so that you can create your best work.

Being fit and happy is a combination of a few different habits stuck together, such as: fitness, eating, and mental health checks. In Creating A Fit LifeI love introducing the readers to fun activities to help them create a fit life.

Creating A Fit Life, fit life, Creative, Devin Berglund, Writing, Art, being fit

Eating is essential. Our food is our natural medicine.

Have you ever had food poisoning? I have. It’s a bad experience. But it’s also a good example of how eating the wrong things can trigger the wrong chemical reactions inside of us.

Eating healthy food will energize us.

Start out small.

Set a few small goals for yourself.

Is that to start eating healthily? Or to drink more water?

Make small challenges to encourage your healthy journey forward. I know from experience that jumping into a ton of healthy things all at once can be hard, so that’s why I recommend picking one thing and focusing on that for awhile before adding another healthy habit into your daily to-dos.

For more tips on creating a fit life, be sure to check out this book!!

What is your FIRST goal? 

What I Want For Christmas…

Peace & Good Will To All Men!

Don’t you just love that song, “All… I want for Christmas… Is you!” I do.

This is what I want for Christmas.

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© Devin Berglund

Every year around this time people start making lists and checking them twice. There might be a few things I can think of that I want for Christmas, but I feel that as each year goes by you find yourself wanting more life things like: happiness, health, joy, no fears, and many blessings rather than material items. So I decided to make a list of things that I’d like for Christmas.

What I Want For Christmas…

  1. Safe travels. (I will be in South Africa for Christmas.)
  2. To have a blessed amazing time with Johan & to make new exciting memories.
  3. Happiness.
  4. Joy.
  5. Get some ideas for my new book written down in my journal.
  6. Health. (when traveling, flying, and just all around health for me, Johan, my family, and his family).
  7. Blessings.

What do you want for Christmas, this year? 

Want To Run A VIRTUAL 5K With Me? (& How To Tie Your Running Shoes)

A virtual 5k, you ask?

Do you want to get in shape? Then this is a perfect opportunity for you. Look into starting a training session to run a 5k. That is 3.1 miles. If you’ve never really ran before, that might sound like a far distance to run. But, I can assure you that it gets easier and that sometime down the running road you will look back and think “WOW! I actually did it!” I remember when I did my first 10k. I had an huge amount of emotion overflow me as I crossed the finish line. Living a healthy lifestyle is seriously one of the most rewarding things in the world. You can do it. Are you ready?



One thing I learned recently, is that you should always run with your stomach engaged. It works many more muscles and also protects you from having problems later.

Are you interested in running a virtual 5k with me? That means… you will get to run it anywhere and anytime on a certain day.

“Okay, Devin, Tell Me More?”

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Sick? But, I have so much to get done!?

IMG_6918I hate being sick!

After just getting back from an amazing conference, my mind is spinning with fun projects I want to do and a list of things I need to finish now has piled up, because I’ve been sick.

Do you know the feeling?

Even though it’s hard. The best things to do – is relax & get better.

Here are a few things that help me, when I’m feeling under the weather.

  1. Nap! Get a lot of sleep.
  2. Bubble bath with this amazing spearmint eucalyptus bath foam.
  3. Read a favorite book. (My favorites to read are from The Chronicle’s of Narnia & Little Women.
  4. Some fizzy pop (or soda). I usually have ginger ale or sprite.

What have you found helpful when you are sick?

Other posts on being sick:

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4 Lessons I Learned From Running My First 10k

IMG_62846 am. It was completely misty out. It was challenging, because this was a huge thing for me. I was going to run a 10k. MY FIRST. EVER. IMG_6236I never thought I’d be a runner.

I’ve been training to run long distances all year and I really love it, now. Am I crazy to say that? Probably, but oh well!

At one time, I was just someone who would rather sit and do nothing, but now I am active as can be. Have you ever felt you’d rather do nothing than work out? If so, read on.

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Get Inspiration : Take a Walk With Me Through My Woods

When I walk through the woods, I feel peace in all areas. The wind brushing my hair past my face. The leaves crunching under my feet. When I walk the woods Inspiration finds me.

Stories of times past rides on the wings of the wind. I hear them. (This might sound crazy to someone who doesn’t tell stories. I promise, it isn’t crazy!)

Please join me on an Inspiration walk through my forest.

(These are the woods that inspired the forests in The Mason of Hearts. Welcome to my world.)

My siblings and I used to play around this old ford. It was just one day in the woods that we saw this old car. ©Devin Berglund

From a young age my brother, sister, and I would play in the forest. Something about the forest sparked our imaginations. (Click to Tweet) It was a land where anything could happen. Magic. Talking animals and stick swords morphed into real ones. We had a world of wonder at our feet. I hope you enjoy the forest that feeds my inspiration! Continue reading “Get Inspiration : Take a Walk With Me Through My Woods”

How to Control Your Inner Fat Kid… {Get in Shape as a Writer} – Part 2

Control Your Inner Fat Kid

This is the second post in the {Get in Shape as a Writer Blog Series} Haven’t read the first one yet? No problem, read it here. Continue on to find out how you can control your inner fat kid.

One day I was really craving sweets.

Sweets of all kinds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. (But, I didn’t make any.)

Mini Reeses Cups. (Problem… I had these in my closet.)

Snickerdoodle Cookies. (But, I didn’t make them either.)

Hershey Kisses Hugs. (Problem again, I had these in my closet too… *Stars light up Devin’s eyes* But, aren’t they amazing?)

I wanted my sweets. And I had some.

Do you know this feeling? And do you wish your inner fat kid would back off? I know how this feels. If you were just nodding your head up and down – then I can help you.

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How to Get in Shape as a Writer – Part 1

First photo was taken in December. Third photo was taken this month.

As a writer, I sit a lot because my work is all done on the computer. But, throughout the year of 2013 I wasn’t really happy with myself. I decided to lose weight, because I could tell I’d been gaining weight. So, I decided 2014 was MY YEAR! Check out part 2.

I stepped on the scale… & I felt depressed.

Have you ever felt this way?

I am just going to be upfront and truthful with you. When I stepped on the scale I saw that I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed. This made me upset with myself. How did I let myself come to this?

But since the beginning of this year, I’ve lost 16lbs. What I’ve been doing has been working. Finally I am much more comfortable in my skin and happier.

I am a writer and I am healthy. I wasn’t always. But, I am now.

Have you ever felt depressed about your weight? Have you had low energy and a low esteem? Do you want to start getting in shape to be the healthiest you, you can be?

If you said yes, to any of the above questions then I can help you. Continue reading “How to Get in Shape as a Writer – Part 1”