Happy! I Will Be Posting More Starting This Week!

1625737_10100178209375420_1786329459_nHow has your March been? Mine’s been Happy!

I just recently finished editing my critique partner’s book. It was great. I am so excited though, because we will be switching our books back to one another on Sunday. Excited much!? So Happy!

Yesterday I did something for the first time ever! I was searching for agents.

Did I just say that? haha… I can’t believe it… It’s getting closer to when I’ll finally be able to send out my query letter.

Other than that I’ve been doing some freelance writing and photography jobs.

This coming week I will be posting more. But for now, I thought I’d put up some recent pictures. Thought you might enjoy a little peak into my life in the past month.  Continue reading “Happy! I Will Be Posting More Starting This Week!”