The Mason of Hearts Edit is Done! 

Event ImageI did it!!!!



Yep, I finished the edit for The Mason of Hearts! You got it, I am excited! Very!

Now, I can catch up with NaNoWriMo.

I am so excited about the story I am writing for NaNoWriMo. The world is so much more different than the one in The Mason of Hearts. But, if I must admit it – I miss writing The Mason of Hearts – one of my protagonists tried entering my NaNo Novel. I had to back up and tell him to go back to The Mason of Heart’s land. Tough – it must mean I am used to my characters from The Mason of Hearts and that I don’t want to stop writing about them. Well, I won’t because there will be two more where that came from, so he has plenty of time left. Continue reading “The Mason of Hearts Edit is Done! “

On Hope : Have You Ever Lost Someone?

Photo Credit : Devin Berglund

Have you ever lost someone?

One fine autumn morning, I was walking to my college class. Leaves floated around in the blue sky and rustled on the sidewalk. It was the perfect day. Once I got to class, I sat down next to my friend. Class hadn’t started yet, but my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the name – it was my dad. I wouldn’t have normally answered a call so close to class, but lifted the phone to my ear.

“Hey Daddy!”

“Hi. Devin.” Daddy said.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well, are you sitting down.” Right as he asked me this, I looked around at my friends. Then I got up and walked into the hallway to sit at a bench. I remember the sunlight shining through the window. It was the perfect day, but not for this kind of conversation. Continue reading “On Hope : Have You Ever Lost Someone?”

NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 4 – Staying Healthy As a Writer


A red nose.

Chapped lips.

Sore Throat.

Coughing that hurts.

A warm cup of mint tea sits next to my computer.

That’s right… I am sick. I’m sure you know the feeling!

Whenever November comes around, I pray I won’t get sick – first off because being sick is never fun. Also, because it throws you off your schedule. Continue reading “NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 4 – Staying Healthy As a Writer”

Welcome To My Blog Video!

Do you have a blog video intro? Hope you enjoy mine

Today was a busy day, just like the rest of the week.

I got tons done.

Here is a post on making your own blog video intro. 

UPDATE as of 4/19/15: 

One thing I’ve learned since doing this video is that it’s important to keep eye contact. It can be hard with the videoing programs out there, but you will get the hang of looking into the camera. One thing I’ve found helpful is to invest in some crafty googly eyes. Put them near the camera. It will remind you to looking into your “audience’s eyes”.

Also, if you could – hop on over to Youtube and follow me there too.

Ballet In the Park

I was recently in a friend’s wedding and while there I remembered how much I loved taking pictures. That made me decide I want to get back into it so my sister ad I went out for a photoshoot. She grabbed her ballet tutu and shoes, then we ran out the door.

Here are some pictures from my Ballet photo-shoot with Cassidy!

I chose to call my photography business Photography ReminiSense and yes I spelled it that way on purpose. According to the dictionary, Reminiscence means:

Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

I chose to spell it differently because I want to capture the way people show their expressions and senses.

Photo-shoot with Cassidy


5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Event Image

I decided to take a break from my edits to do a quick update. I apologize that I haven’t posted recently, but I have been in the Revision Prison for a few days. It’s been crazy, because of my deadline. I am reaching for September 23rd!

Keep your eyes open for a tutorial on how to flesh out your characters. Also, this week I will be launching “Devin’s Writing Grotto”, which will be an awesome place to find extra information, tutorials, and freebies on writing.

Continue reading “5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me”

Welcome to my BLOG LOVE INN!

Have you ever been a part of a Blog Love Inn?

I wanted to try something different, so I have decided to invite you to share your social media profiles with us

Read the ‘rules’ below before participating! Thanks! 🙂


  • Are you active on social media sites?
  • Do you want to find more friends and followers?
  • Do you want to find network with other bloggers?

Did you answer yes to any of the above questions? If so – read on and find out how you can do that.

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Interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author – Hugh Howey


I would like to welcome Hugh Howey, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Wool, to my blog. Thank you, Hugh for the interview! Hope you all enjoy this interview with him.

1.) What gave you inspiration to write Wool?

It started with the concept of the wallscreen. In Wool, the remnants of humanity live underground, and they only have this one view out on the world around them. The wallscreen gives them that view, and it isn’t a pleasant one. I got the idea from seeing what 24-hour news does to us, this steady stream of bad events, which has many people convinced that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. That view of the world is, I believe, untrue.

2.) Who is your favorite character in your book Wool, and why?

Solo. He has lived alone for decades, and that has frozen him in time in many ways. He’s grown old without ever growing up. He’s also a little mad. I really empathize with him. Continue reading “Interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author – Hugh Howey”

Punctuation and Pet Peeves Part 1

Note from Devin: Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce Katie J. Cross. She is a great writer & avid reader, obsessed writer, and often spends too much time in her own little world. She plans on self-publishing her first book, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, by the end of the year. Visit her at

1001755_960976474920_1189356152_n hi and thanks for, reeding my post tooday its really grate that you stoped by! i am a writer for ya fantasie & im thinking its a grate genre to right in cuz of allll that kewl stuff you can read about you know what i meeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaan?!?!

I have three major pet-peeves in life.

1. People who chew with their mouth open.

2. Lazy punctuation

3. Bad spelling.

There’s nothing that can be done about my first pet peeve, except for throwing my fists on the table and telling them they chew like a heifer.But there is much that can be done for the second and third.

Today, I’m going to focus on my pet peeve for lazy punctuation and why it’s bad for any author (especially indie authors) to be associated with it. That’s really what you guys care about, right? How you look? Don’t lie.

Continue reading “Punctuation and Pet Peeves Part 1”

Enticing Your Readers…


writers, enticing readers, Devin Berglund, Summer Writing GalaI would like to introduce the first of these amazing guest posters to you – her name is J.S. Bailey. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a cozy white house in the country with her grandmother. The little girl’s name was Mary, and she had curly blond hair and brown eyes the color of chocolate. She lived with her grandmother because her parents were abducted during the last alien invasion, when the evil overlord Qíogg ordered his minions to capture as many humans as possible so their combined life force could help power his fleet of spaceships.

Are you asleep yet? Or did your eyes glaze over rendering you awake yet wholly catatonic? Read on for some tips on enticing your readers.

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