Why you should set goals…

setting goals, goals, Womens Health, Devin Berglund, Writing, Writer, Fitness, HealthThere are things I know I have to finish and get done, but then I tend to put them off to the last moment? I just started thinking about these things this week, because of the Health Challenge, I’ve been doing.

The Health Challenge this week was making sure I drink enough water each day. Each day I’ve gotten up earlier and I’ve also felt more energetic and all because I’ve been watching my calorie intake (food journal), drinking more water, and eating greener foods, less sugars and starches, and last, but not least I’ve done some form of exercise everyday for at least 30-45 minutes along with some strength training to build muscle. It’s also helped because I have an accountability partner and others that encourage me along the way. Becoming healthy isn’t achieved through dieting… it’s a lifestyle change. Have you set goals to accomplish today? This week? This month? Start now! Continue reading “Why you should set goals…”


Happy Halloween!!

When I think of Halloween, I remember crisp evenings going door to door with my parents, siblings, and friends. We had jacko-lantern candy baskets and said “Trick or treat!” in our cute little outfits that varied. Some looked like they were straight out of a fairytale, movie, or story. It was a lovely time to just spend with family and friends. Also remember watching Halloween Town with my siblings. That was such an awesome movie!

But, since it is HALLOWEEN TODAY… what’s that mean for WRITERS?


What normal person writes 50,000 words in ONE month?

YES… WAY OVERRATED. I don’t like the word normal.

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I am going to write a book this November. I can’t tell you too much about it at the moment, because it’s my secret project! But I really can’t wait to share more with you about it!

Are you writing a book this month?

If so, Tweet me and we can have a writing sprint together! 

Upcoming Twitter Chat Schedule!

The #WritingHarvest Twitter Chat is back on this month! Aren’t you excited? I know I am. I have some exciting projects and things coming up for the #WritingHarvest Peeps. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and make sure to click on the link and fill in the questions.

First off, our next Twitter Chat will be held on July 25th at 3pm Pacific Time. Be sure to join our #WritingHarvest Facebook Group and our Pinterest board. (Ask to be added as a pinner and I will add you.) Twitter Chat, #WritingHarvest, Devin Berglund, Writer, Writing

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Having Your Own Writing Retreat

Quick note from Devin: Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Check out her site here and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Last weekend I declared that I’d go on a writing retreat. Really that writing retreat consisted of staying at home and writing. I really believe that as writers we need to be doing that more.

So here are some tips for having your own writing retreat. I am planning on doing that again next weekend.

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Submitting A Short Story


1. Write everything down.

I’ve found over time, that I write my best stuff when I write it out longhand on paper and then import it into the computer. Some people are also the same way, while others are completely the opposite.

My point with this step is make sure you write everything down. It doesn’t have to be perfect at the beginning.

Never written a short story?

2. Get a group of supporters. 

I love that I have a group of supporters. They really are wonderful. Another good term for them is “people who are willing to give you a kick in the butt and remind you to work on it”.

It’s nice, when you are going about your life and you are reminded by people of your projects. It makes you live up to your word and stay accountable. If you said you were writing a short story.

Write it.

Finish it.

Ship it.

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The Mason of Hearts edit is DONE!

YES! I finally did! The Mason of Hearts edit is DONE!

I am so excited that this edit of The Mason of Hearts, is DONE! It’s been a long journey with this book baby. And I feel that it isn’t even close to the end of the editing tunnel. But, I see the light!


The total count comes down to: 

• 81 Chapters

• 91,147 words

• 626 Pages

I am so excited! Just had to let you all know. Keep an eye out for an exciting post this week with some fun pictures and maybe even a contest!

I am really enjoying the journey of writing/revising this book. I can’t wait to get it in front of people who want to read it. Now, my next step is sending it out to beta readers. I am nervous! Excited though!

Help Me Out?

I have some exciting plans for the future of my blog and also for a venture project. But in order to do all of those things I need your help!

IMG_1365Just thought I’d jump out of my revision for a few minutes to post on my blog.

…And it will be easy. All you need to do to help, is to fill out a questionnaire. It will let me see what kind of things you want to see in the future on my blog.

It’s really easy and will only take a few moments. They are fun questions that you’ll enjoy answering. I promise!

I’d really love to get to know you all better.

Could you all, please take a few minutes to take this questionnaire, so that I will be able to better serve you on my blog?

It’ll only take a few moments and will greatly help me out! Thank you muchly!

Take it Here!

My Writing Process

What are you working on?

I am so excited to share with you all my writing process.

I am currently working on editing my novel “The Mason of Hearts” which will be the first of a Trilogy titled “The Created Ones Trilogy”

I am super excited about this book. I am currently doing edit number 4. Here are some pictures of my crazy-editing-revision-rewriting process.

So many things to change and fix… but it’s fun! 🙂

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Playing Catch Up… Blog Style…

This saying is something I’ve learned to be so true. If you don’t do the work, you aren’t going to reach your goals or dreams.

The past few months have been so busy! So sorry its been awhile since I last posted. Man, have I missed it on here.

I haven’t been able to be on here much the past few months because I was traveling and had an editing deadline for “The Mason of Hearts” and YAY for that… because, I finished it! I sent it to my critique partner. At the moment, I am up to my ears in my critique partner’s edits. I am totally enjoying her story.


• Johan came to visit. It was glorious.
• Thanksgiving. Johan’s first Full Out American Thanksgiving. We had a full house as my grandma and cousin came up and my brother and sister both came home too.

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