What Hollywood Forgot to Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

I had a great year abroad, but soon I had to go home.

I was halfway between Hawaii and Australia when all I wanted to do was jump out of the plane to ease the restlessness in my legs. I walked down the aisle every few hours and that wasn’t enough.

Couldn’t I be there already? I aimlessly scrolled through the movies and found countless romantic comedies about couples living oceans apart. I chuckled silently, while thinking, Hollywood doesn’t even have a clue when it comes to what long distance relationship couples go through.

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Long distance relationships are romanticised much like everything else in Hollywood. Hollywood knows about the excitement and beauty of long distance relationships, but they stop there. They really don’t show the truth behind the long distance relationship story!

Many people fall for someone with a different accent thinking it will be easy like it is in the movies. And long distance relationships can in fact, be blessings, the couple just needs to equip themselves properly.

Communication is the key

It’s extremely important for those in long distance relationships to keep their communication line open. Technology has made it easier for people in long distance relationships.

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Technology shortens the distance. Whether a person is across the country from their lover or across the world… communication will hold them together. Whether that be through text messages, snail mail, Skype, or picture texts  of each other throughout the day. Continue reading “What Hollywood Forgot to Tell You About Long Distance Relationships”