Revising Resources – The Bad & The Good

This was originally a post that was published on my old blog. I was preparing my website articles and posts for Google’s SEO change and realized I hadn’t posted this over here yet. Now, I rarely give bad reviews on public pages, but sometimes there are things people need to be warned about. And I feel this one is important! I was revising my novel and wanted more information on revision, follow my journey. Read all the way to the bottom for some GREAT resources on editing.

Professionalism Is IMPORTANT!!

As you all know, I’ve been through a ton of revisions with my manuscript.

At first, I had no idea how to go about the whole process. I mucked right into the muddy mess with my rain boots. I like the mental picture of a girl with her rain boots, because I can relate. I remember a time in my life (I was probably 8-years-old) when I was stuck in the middle of the muddy garden in my rain boots. The garden had turned to an ocean of mud from all the rain we’d gotten. I was stuck.


Holly Lisle, Professionalism, Why professionalism is important as an author, revision, revising, writing, editingI tried pulling my feet out of the mud, but the suction was too strong, so I started hyperventilating. My foot came flying out of my rain boot. I was a crying little island in the middle of a mud sea.

I pulled my other foot out and ran to the safety of dry land, but my boots stayed behind. They were out there for a few days.

I picture revising a novel a lot like that whole scene. (Writing and revising is a lot like gardening.)

You need to get yourself dirty. Roll up your sleeves and get in there.

When I was just starting my revision process I wasn’t sure how to go about it so I looked for books and/or courses on revision. I also interviewed authors on it. (Read below for the author interviews on editing)

A few people told me that I should look into Holly Lisle’s course on revision: How To Revise Your Novel, by Holly Lisle. They told me it was quite expensive as well. I looked it up and found that it was $49.95 per month (5 payments) =$249.75.

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3 Social Media Etiquette NO NOs

Nothing can ruin your platform faster than a lack of social media etiquette.
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Beautiful Rockies!
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If you were going to any kind of social event you would want to leave a good impression and you would be on your best behavior. Which, makes sense, right?

But, I feel like in our lives today – we do a lot of connecting through social media and forget to practice our social skills, if that makes any sense?

3 Social Media Etiquette NO NOs

1. Rudeness Will Ruin Your Professionalism (Click to Tweet)

This is so important. I have gotten emails or notes from people who followed this (NO NO) rule.

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Don’t Rush it…{about indie & self publishing}

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden
Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

Since, I just finished indie publishing a short story (and ran an online launch), I thought I would come out with some tips and pointers on what to do and what not to do when you release your baby into the world. This goes for traditional, indie, and self publishing. But I mostly want to point this out to people who are going to Self Publish or Indie Publish. This is going to be a straight forward post on why it is important (to your professionalism as an author) that you don’t RUSH IT.

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