Professionalism in Your Writing Career


Professionalism in Your Writing Career

(This is an important post.)

We all have weak spots, but it’s extremely important that in our writing careers we be as professional as can be. It can be harder than ever now a days with the internet and social media. Here are 7 rules to professionalism in the writing career.

1. Your online presence is YOU.

How you act on social media, advertises what kind of person you are in real life. Are you always leaving rude, sarcastic comments on Facebook? Or are you always telling your opinion or correcting people?

Think about it this way…

• Would you want people doing that on your wall?

• And if they did, what would their image be like in your mind?

Not very good, right? Well, that is probably what that other person is thinking when you are leaving those kind of comments.

Sometimes people think they can be ruder online, because it isn’t face to face, but, it is still your image… and there is still someone who is being stomped on. Keep your comments kind and professional… Remember your name is above the comments you leave. Don’t taint your name.  Continue reading “Professionalism in Your Writing Career”

My aha moment – The Moment I Knew I Was a Writer

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to be a writer

When I found out the meaning of my name – “Poet” it confirmed my dreams to be a writer. I love when that happens. You are just going about your life writing because you love it all to find out what your name means.

“Devin, your name means poet.”

(If you are on a mobile device or tablet [or are having issues seeing the video] – click here to see the video!)

I Was Contacted…

A kind lady from the aha moment tour, contacted me through my blog. She asked if I’d be willing to share my aha moment – the moment, I knew I was a writer. I totally got excited and wrote her back.

“Of course, I’d love to!”

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5 Ways Reading Your Work Will Make You Grow as a Writer

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I get nervous before reading or speaking aloud.

But, who doesn’t? Right?

When I was recently at a writing workshop I read my work aloud to about 15 other people. I got nervous. Butterflies appeared in my stomach and I felt shaky. If you know me personally, you probably wouldn’t think I would get nervous.

But, my thoughts were all over the place:

Why am I feeling this way?

Will they like my writing? I hope they do!

What if they don’t? 

Have you ever found yourself wondering about these same questions? If so, read on to find out 5 ways reading your work will make you grow as a writer. Honestly, I think every writer is afraid of people not liking their work. It’s normal. But, don’t let fear stop you from living or reaching your dreams. (click to tweet)
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