9 of The Best Writing Apps

Are you an app junkie? There is an app for everything these days. Being a writer, we should take advantage of the writing apps out there. We have technology that the writers of old probably never dreamed of. Make sure you check out these writing apps.writing, apps, writing apps, amwriting, Devin Berglund

1. Evernote 

I love Evernote. It’s a great place to save things from the web. It’s also a great place to keep all of your notes and story ideas.

2. Rory’s Storycubes

This is a great app for story prompts. It’s also a fun game to play with family and friends. Love this. They also have a NONE app version where you actually get to roll dice.

3. Pages

Also available on the iPad.

4. Index Card

This app helps you organize your thoughts using index cards. It also syncs well with Scrivener. They also have this for the iPad.

5. WriteChain

This app is great for keeping track of the words you write daily. Log the word count every day so that you don’t break the link.

6. Word

You all know what word does. It’s a great app to have on your iPhone. They also have this for the iPad.

7. Google Docs

Do you work on a bunch of computers? If so, Google Docs is a great way to be accessible to everything.

8. Notes App

This comes automatically on your iPhone and iPad. I love it for jotting down ideas.


9. Word count Dashboard

This is a great app where you can keep track of your project’s word count. It’s really inspiring. Here is a screenshot from my last project. It’s really cool, because you can set a deadline and also upload a cover. How cool, right?writing, apps, writing apps, amwriting, Devin Berglund



Did I miss some of your favorites?  Share them in the comments below.