Writer’s Submissions Guidelines

Submissions Guidelines Are Important…

Want to write for us? Be sure to read our writer’s submissions guidelines before submitting your articles to us.

Note: Always look at a publication or website’s writing submissions guidelines, before submitting. When you’ve done your homework, you look like you did it. Make sure your work is up to the submissions guidelines.

Why You Should Contribute?


Contributing to websites and blogs is a wonderful way to gain exposure for your writing and platform. It is a great way to grow your following as well. Think of it as free advertising! Check out the submissions guidelines below, if you are interested.

By being a guest writer you will be:

  • Helping other writers achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Make connections.
  • Gain valuable writing experience.

How To Write For Us

  1. Send us an email with your pitch (your story idea)

  2. Please, include a summary describing your idea and the date you could have it finished by.

  3. Be sure to include: your website & the social media platforms you use.

Writer’s Guidelines:

  1. After you’ve contacted the Digital Content Editor, send the submission as a Word document in the attachment of your email. Make sure your article is approximately 500 – 800 words.
  2. If you link anything in the post, make sure the links work. Just in case the url links don’t transfer for some reason, please place (www.url.com) with the link after the spot you want to be a clickable link.
  3. In the email subject box write: Guest Writer Pitch – (Name)
  4. Please include your name, website and a one to two sentence bio in your email.

Also include images to go with your post. If the Digital Media Editor decides to use them she will.

How To Contribute?

  1. Check the Content and Style Guide