Out of South Africa

In Love in South Africa

I am back from South Africa. It was so beautiful. Now I am all inspired and ready for the New Year! Have you written up your New Year’s Resolutions? (I did. Read mine here.)

© Devin Berglund, South Africa – Swartberge (Black Mountains)

Often, when South Africa or anywhere in Africa comes to mind, many people get images of women balancing baskets or jugs of water on their heads, while walking down gravel paths that run throughout the countryside. Or they think of the mud huts that people must live in or the wild lions and animals that roam the country.

Thing is, South Africa is actually a very modernized country, but if I might say I often felt like it was part 1st world country and part 3rd world country as there were really lovely areas, but also very dirty and poor areas as well. Oh, and side note… there are no wild lions or dangerous animals roaming around. (All the wild and dangerous animals are in the reserves, which have fences keeping them in.)

I spent the full month of December over there, because my fiancé comes from there originally. He moved with his parents to Australia after he finished high school. It was an amazing experience to spend the full month with him, seeing the places he grew up and lived in.

Here Are A Few Photos From My Trip

Mountains near Stellenbosche real
© Devin Berglund
Shipwreck at Port Augulus
© Devin Berglund – A shipwreck at the point where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet – Cape Agulhas. Angry waters where many a ship went down.
© Johan at La Mott Vinyard - We had such a lovely time there.
© Johan at La Mott Vineyard – We had such a lovely time there.
Funny red flower at bontanical gardens
© Devin Berglund – The flowers are brilliantly wild in South Africa! Love it!
© Devin Berglund - My Johan! :)
© Devin Berglund – My Johan! 🙂
Me and Johan at his Ouma (grandma) and Oupa's (grandpa) 80th celebration.
Me and Johan at his Ouma (grandma) and Oupa’s (grandpa) 80th celebration.
Johan's family! :)
Johan’s family at the 80th celebration. 🙂


There is a small taste of some of my trip to South Africa. I will be posting some more pictures and stories next week about my trip. I really loved it and am so thankful to have family there now as well. 🙂

What did you do over Christmas? 

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