Show You Love – A Challenge

I want the people around me to know that I love them. Just yesterday, my great uncle Arnold passed away. He’d been dealing with Alzheimers/dementia and was in a nursing home. It makes me sad. I really hope he knew he was loved by his sisters and their kids and grandkids.

Love, love others, Devin Berglund

This brought me to think about all the people in my life.

I don’t want there to be a shadow of a doubt in their minds, about whether I loved them or not. I want them to know.

So, I am asking you… would you take this challenge with me?

  1. Make a list of the people in your life who mean the world to you. Your family, significant other, and your closest friends.
  2. Ask yourself what you could do to show each person on your list that you love them. Then write those things that you come up with next to their names.
  3. Start now. Start by doing something for each person on the list. Aim to do one nice thing a week for each of them.

Life is a fleeting thing. Don’t let it go past you. Show those you love that you are there for them and that you love them.

If you’d like to share some of what you are going to do, please do so in the comments! I’d love to hear what you are doing for the love challenge!!

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