Rest, Reading, And What I’m Workin On (Back home)

I’m writing this now, the day after getting back home from traveling home from South Africa. It took over 30 hours to get home. So crazy it takes so long to travel some places!

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Let me just say, I am so happy to finally be home! ? ❄️ ⛄️ ? Yesterday was such a long day of traveling for Johan and I! I swear if took about 30 some hours for us to get home! And we had some not so fun experiences with TSA. I was stopped in London and they pulled out every item to check in my carry on and personal items. And then if that wasn’t enough, when I got back to Texas, they had me go through the metal detectors twice, the X-ray machine thing once, they excessively patted me down, and then went through all my bags multiple times, and then I had to wait there for about 20ish mins! Until finally I got to be done. But I had to wait for another guy to come check through my bag again! It’s like really? I was seriously irritated and ticked off! Especially about the excessive pat down! I don’t appreciate that! So I guess TSA is now doing these new awful security checks. If their original checks weren’t enough. If you ever get a “SSSS” printed on your ticket, that’s what will happen to you too! They just have to take the fun out of your traveling. Especially after traveling for more than 24 hours at that point, getting pat down and searched again is the LAST thing I wanted. Besides all the other people who were pulled aside like me were all women too. I just don’t get it! Very irritating. Just happy we are home now! And we really enjoyed our time in South Africa!!

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Let me tell you though, it sure feels really good to relax and be home. I cuddled tons with my cat, Loki. Today I took it easy. Worked in the AM and rested later in the day.

1.) Hopefully my jetlag goes away here soon. You get so tired, earlier in the day.

2.) Finishing reading Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth. And start/finish reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.

3.) Putting together my publishing schedule and work plans for the coming weeks.

PHEW… it seriously feels so amazing to be home. There is something about sleeping in your own bed. 🙂