I absolutely love to share things I enjoy or love, with people. Here are some of the different things.

Over the years I’ve spent more than $6,000 in training, marketing strategies, services, and tools. Some of them were worthwhile while others were not.

That got me thinking to put together a resources page with all the things (books, courses, and more) that I enjoyed, found helpful, and were worthwhile.

I’ll also add more as I try new things, so make sure you check back here often. I recommend that you bookmark it for your convenience.

Disclosure: Please understand that many links on this page are affiliate links, and at no added cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you decide to purchase one of the products below. I chose to list them below, because I actually use them myself and they have been beneficial to me and my business.

Writing Resources



Story Is The State Of Mind Course: Sarah Selecky has a fun, creative, and unique program that gets you thinking in a unique was. I’ve used it as the curriculum for a writing retreat before and it’s very helpful at helping you get out of your head and to get words written.

Website & Web-design

Angie Makes Web Design: This is a rocking husband and wife duo.

Lifestyle & Money & Family

AncestryDNA: I love everything about ancestry and family history. There’s just something about knowing where you come from.

Quapital: This is an amazing online bank that allows you to save for your dreams. You can create savings accounts for your dreams and the app will pull out money how often you’d like automatically so you don’t have to worry about saving. Yay, for saving!!

VIPKID: It’s super easy to get started. They pay really well. Sign up with my referral and I’ll help you get hired. Code (Incase it doesn’t add it automatically): DEVIN0027

GoGoKid: It’s a lot of fun teaching ESL. I teach for both VIPKID and GoGoKid! (Incase it doesn’t add it automatically): 8RZ45JWA

Fiction & Non-Fiction I Love

I absolutely love reading, and whenever I find one I absolutely love I can’t help but to share the name of it with people. Then I jump around excitedly inside my mind awaiting the moment they finish it and come talk to me about it.

Lifestyle & Inspiration

Healthy Living


Relationships & Marriage




All-Time Favorite’s