Remembering The Seasons

Recently, I’ve been trying to focus on improving my writing and dedication for it. I am taking a writing class that’s been super helpful for getting my daily habit of writing back on track. And this is one of the prompts that that class inspired me to do. Be sure to check the course out, if you are looking for something to get you into the daily practice of writing again.

In the Summer, we’d go on family trips where we’d drive longer distances. I still remember the trips where I’d be in the back seat of the car with my brother and sister. It was always a big discussion about who would be stuck in the middle seat and my sister usually lost that battle and got that seat. Why it was a big discussion was because if we got tired at least you could lay your head against the window to sleep. But if, my sister got tired, I’d let her lay her head on my shoulder. The road trips were fun.

Most of those road trips were camping trips or trips to the lake. In rural Minnesota lake culture is a big thing in the Summer. And what better way to spend a lazy Summer day, than at the beach with sand between your toes and wind blown lake hair?

In the Spring, the snow melts leaving us with an ugly amount of mud and dirty snow. We always called it snirt. That’s what it is. Snow + Dirt = Snirt.

Once the snow was gone, we’d meet the edge of mud puddles with our rain boots in anticipation. There was something so invigorating about jumping and splashing about in those rain boots. Almost like you could conquer anything and still not be affected by the dirty water.

But one time, when it had rained a lot, the garden turned into a quick-sand like mud ocean. I walked out there with my red rain boots and got stuck out there in the middle of the muddy ocean with no foreseeable way to get out with my boots. Yes, I jumped right out of those rain boots and ran to the safety that was the grass. Those boots stayed out there until the mud dried up. It was like a crazy piece of modern art intimidating me every time I looked at it.

Me and my brother.

Besides being wet and muddy, Spring also brought on a season of burning. It seems that whenever that time would come, my dad would get an itch to burn our woods. The regrowth of grass, trees, and small white flowers were so beautiful as they popped out of the black ashy ground. Coming out of the ground like a phoenix chasing hope.

The trying thing about that was that we had to watch the woods. Take our shovels and babysit the fire to make sure it didn’t get out of control. But I guess you could say that’s a lot like life in general. You have to go through the ashes to see the beauty. Or walk through the thorns to smell the roses.

Me and my little sister.

Easter was the best holiday in the season of Spring. It’s kind of that thing that I’d look forward to in Spring, because other than that and blooming buds and flowers, I felt like there wasn’t overly much to see than mud and bare trees. At the Easter service, my sister, mom, and I would dress up in pretty dresses and wear an antique hat. Every year, the elderly people at church watched for those hats.

In the fall, I was & still-am, in my sweet haven. You know how some people are cool-color people and some are warm-color people? Well, I am an Autumn-color person. I’d be happy if it was Autumn for 6 months out of the year, rather than only two (if we are lucky). I still love everything about it. There is something about the wind and you can sense a change in it. But not only that.

You can smell a change. Crisp. Chillier air. You can smell decaying tree leaves. Is it weird to say I like the smell of dying plants? I know that sounds morbid. But the leaves of Autumn are like a patchwork quilt with my favorite colors in the world: those liberating golds, rusty reds, bright oranges, and yellowish greens. It’s my love language.

Thanksgiving is my utmost favorite holiday and I think that’s another reason it’s my favorite. I still have fond memories of Autumn decorations, pumpkin patches, and feasts. Plus, having a large table filled with the people that mean the most to you, makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy,

There is something so powerful about showing gratitude and what you are thankful for. It is a practice that goes so deep into my soul.

Autumn also brings on another fun holiday that I love so much for the fact that you can be whoever you want for a night. My imagination runs wild with that memory of going door to door saying “Trick-or-Treat.”

As friends would come and go. My imagination was always there. I believe it was my best friend and I think that I survived middle school because I had that friendship. Without it, I would have been lost.

In the Winter a blanket of snow covers the land. Living in Minnesota and North Dakota, you get used to extreme weather where it hurts to breathe outside, but yet you learn to do it. Because you have to breathe. (Scarves are helpful for this reason.) You can also see your breath. That’s something that’s always made me feel so magical like a dragon.

Then again being outside is only part of it. I feel like my hermit self was created best in the Winter. Besides the fact, my birthday and siblings birthdays fall in Winter.

My brother and I on his birthday.

I love comfy. Twinkly lights and flickering candles as I watch the snow flutter to the ground gracefully. I enjoy relaxing with a comfy blanket as I drink some tea, read a book by the fireplace, and cuddle my kitten.

In the Winter of my childhood, I would always remember when it would get close to Christmas and we’d be able to open presents. Sometimes we’d open a few before Christmas as well, because most of our Christmas’ were spent driving to see family in other areas of North Dakota. To my mom’s parents in the North and to my dad’s moms in the West. I hold those times with them in my heart. It was precious memory to be able to spend so much time with them and hear their stories.

This class is absolutely freeing. It inspires you to free-write. Picking prompts and just writing. Getting the words out. As time goes by, in your writing practice you’ll get better and writer’s block won’t be something you deal with as much. If you are interested in strengthening your relationship with your writing, you’ll love this class.