Reasons Why You Do Have Time To Chase Your Dreams

24 hours.

1,440 minutes.

86,400 seconds.

A day.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Actors and actress’s have 24 hours a day, millionaires have 24 hours a day, best-selling authors have 24 hours in a day, and all of us have 24 hours in a day.

You Do Have Time To Chase Your Goals, Devin Joubert
I never thought I’d run a half marathon or for that matter, two half marathons. But I dedicated time and chased that goal.

I recently did a poll with my followers on social media about the biggest reasons why they aren’t chasing their dreams. You know what the big reason was? Not having enough time.

The biggest reason that many people don't chase their dreams is because they believe they don't have enough time. That isn't true!

I know you probably aren’t going to like this, but we all have the same amount of time. It comes down to how you spend your time that affects whether you’ll reach your dreams or not.

We All Have The Same Amount Of Time In A Day

How is it that we all have the same amount of time in a day and some get so much done. While, others don’t? It all comes down to strategy and planning your time.

I recently heard someone talking about how you can think about your time as money that is renewed every day, but then taken away at the end of the day. And then in the morning, you are given the same amount again. So you really only have today to chase your dreams. I know, that no one likes talking about this, but we are all going to die someday and we only have one life.

If you were told that tomorrow night would be your last day on planet earth, would you continue to do everything you are doing or not do what you aren’t doing?

That’s when you know that you do have enough time.

The Difference Between Successful People & Unsuccessful People

The only difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t is that successful people do the hard things that some people don’t want to do.

Successful people get up and run 5 miles before 6am.

Successful people get up early to finish the book their are writing.

Successful people do the hard things. It doesn’t mean they enjoy doing the hard things, it just means they do them.

4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Too Busy

Working in direct sales, I often get a lot of responses like “Sorry, I don’t have time.” or “I’m too busy” which I understand people are busy, but if you look at your time you can see pockets of time that is being wasted.

1. Track Your Time In A Notebook

Get out a notebook and write the hours of a day along the left hand side like this:




And on from there.

Now, keep track of what you are doing. If you want you can even divide it by half hours or by 15 mins. I usually stick to the half hour or hour block.

Write down everything you do during the day from chores, checking email or social media, and watching tv as well. Write everything. Even write if you are checking your text messages for too long.

2. Are You Binge Watching A Show

I am guilty of this too.

But the important thing to remember is that binge watching your favorite show is saying “no” to your dreams and goals of what you want to achieve in your life.

Recently my husband and I noticed this about our Netflix watching habits and decided we needed to be doing more learning with our time so we can accomplish our goals. So last week, I finished two writing courses I got a few years ago. I FINALLY finished them, because I dedicated the time that I usually used to watch our newest FAVE tv show.

You can get so much done with the time you are given. And we are only given so much.

3. If Today Was Monday And A Doctor Told You That You Have Till Next Monday To Live…

What would you do differently in your life and what would you do the same?

Take out your notebook and write about the things you’d change? What are they?

If you’d want to change those things for that experience, maybe you should start implementing those things into your life now. You only have ONE life and you don't know when the clock will stop ticking.

4. Sit Down And Get Your Dreams Done (And Turn Your Phone Off)

We spend so much time with our technology, so much that we actually don’t get much done.

Take an hourly or half hour planner and plan your day in chunks. For the chunks of time that you are going to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals, turn your phone off or set it to sleep mode.

Let your family and friends who you chat with often know, so they don’t get scared if you don’t answer as quickly or often as normal.

Important Takeaway: YOU DO HAVE TIME

You are living.

You are breathing.

You woke up this morning.

Some people didn’t get that gift.

Get up and do something with your dreams and goals. You are here for a reason!

What are some things that have helped you to stop wasting time?