Playing Catch Up… Blog Style…

This saying is something I’ve learned to be so true. If you don’t do the work, you aren’t going to reach your goals or dreams.

The past few months have been so busy! So sorry its been awhile since I last posted. Man, have I missed it on here.

I haven’t been able to be on here much the past few months because I was traveling and had an editing deadline for “The Mason of Hearts” and YAY for that… because, I finished it! I sent it to my critique partner. At the moment, I am up to my ears in my critique partner’s edits. I am totally enjoying her story.


• Johan came to visit. It was glorious.
• Thanksgiving. Johan’s first Full Out American Thanksgiving. We had a full house as my grandma and cousin came up and my brother and sister both came home too.

IMG_5876 December

• Johan and I got to make a trip over to Washington D.C. and New York City. It was so great to see the different things together. I’d never been to NYC, so it was cool getting to experience it all with Johan! And it was fun introducing Johan to a lot of our historical sights in D.C. I loved it. It was a great trip.

• Then of course Christmas came. We had a great time with family. I always love Christmas. But it was amazing with Johan there too!


•  Early January I went to Florida with Johan and my family. It was a last family ‘Hooraw’ before Cassidy went home to Las Vegas and Johan to Australia. It was also Johan’s first time in Florida. It was so much fun!!


• On the 24th was my 26th birthday!

Johan’s airplane when he left. Totally was a tough day.

• But then later in January Johan had to fly home to Australia.
It was so hard saying goodbye this time. I don’t think it gets any easier.
I’ve been thinking about writing a new kind of piece of fiction inspired by long distance relationships. Think it would be interesting getting a glimpse into the life of a long distance relationship couple?

• At the end of January, my brother and I drove to Denver Colorado.
It was a great time spent with him.
We got to spend time chilling, sightseeing, shopping, and even hitting up the “Lego Movie”.

 “Everythingggggg isssss Awwwwesuhmmmm!!” Sorry… that was coming!



• Then at the beginning of February I went to a writing workshop in Colorado Springs area where Erin Healy was speaking. And also had a chance to catch lunch with her. She is such a kind and lovely person.

• I mastered eating healthfully while traveling and actually lost weight while traveling. That’s always been a struggle of mine. But, not anymore.

• Finished another edit of “The Mason of Hearts”

•Sent “The Mason of Hearts” into my critique buddy.

Over The Past Few Months…

  1. I’ve lost 15 lbs! I’m so happy for sticking with my goals.
  2. Started learning how to eat healthfully while eating out.


So far, 2014 has been amazing.

For the rest of this month:

  1. Finish my critique buddy’s edits & send them to her.


• Get closer to my goal weight.

• Go through an in depth edit of “The Mason of Hearts”

• Blog more.

• Start writing my query letter.

• Hopefully send “The Mason of Hearts” out to my Beta readers. I have a current list of Beta readers who have already signed up, but I do have a few spots that are still open if anyone is interested in being a Beta reader. Check here for more info. I will be contacting my Beta Readers sometime in March – for sure. 🙂 I can’t wait to get to know you and also to share “The Mason of Hearts” adventure with you.


What about you? What have you been up to in the past few months?

5 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up… Blog Style…

  1. I sounds like you have had some some lovely trips, and yes, it must be tricky to blog when you’re traveling. 🙂 I am taking some classes to learn how to build websites and enjoying them, and I’m keeping busy with my family and church.

      1. Whoops, I’m being slow pokey again, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you more quickly. The web design classes have been keeping me occupied. I am enjoying them very much. I’ll be finished in April and hopefully shortly after that be designing websites. I’d actually like to teach web design after I’ve had enough hands on experience in the field under my belt to do so but its not a good time for teachers. Whatever the case, computer/web design skills are a good thing to have.

  2. I’m happy that we’re Facebook friends because I’ve definitely missed your blog updates, but I’m also proud of you for living your life NOT on the inter webs. seriously! When I started feeling beholden to my blog, I knew that was when it was time to back up and take a break.

    Good for you Dev! Go get ’em!

    1. I am so happy we are Facebook and blogging buddies! haha…

      Awe! I am glad you enjoy my blog! Promise there will be more updates now. It was a bit hard to keep up with it all, traveling, and with editing/book deadlines! But now that I have a bit more of a break I will be back at it. 🙂

      Thank you for being so amazing and encouraging Katie! You are a great lady!

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