Enticing Your Readers…


writers, enticing readers, Devin Berglund, Summer Writing GalaI would like to introduce the first of these amazing guest posters to you – her name is J.S. Bailey. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a cozy white house in the country with her grandmother. The little girl’s name was Mary, and she had curly blond hair and brown eyes the color of chocolate. She lived with her grandmother because her parents were abducted during the last alien invasion, when the evil overlord Qíogg ordered his minions to capture as many humans as possible so their combined life force could help power his fleet of spaceships.

Are you asleep yet? Or did your eyes glaze over rendering you awake yet wholly catatonic? Read on for some tips on enticing your readers.

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Can’t Wait for Him to Arrive Tomorrow…

How has the beginning of summer been for everyone?

I’ve been having a grand ole’ time.

My boyfriend just got to Sydney, Australia and will be catching his next flight in the morning (Australia time). I am getting excited that he will be here tomorrow night. Time changes are different aren’t they? But, yes… I am definitely excited. It has been about 5 months since I last saw him. Crazy, right? I have been writing articals and blog entries on long distance relationships. Who would be interested in seeing some of them? I believe they would be very helpful to others in long distance relationships. They aren’t easy – but most definitely worth it. Continue reading “Can’t Wait for Him to Arrive Tomorrow…”

Ditch the Gimmicks & Tell the Story

I would like to give a big warm welcome to my friend and fellow writer, Steven James. Hope you enjoy his words of wisdom. 🙂

In fiction, story matters more than anything else.

Yet, all too often, authors forget this and in their zeal to impress readers or wow editors, they end up peppering their writing with distracting gimmicks that undermine the story.

Never let anything get between your story and your readers. Here are six ways to remove some of the most common stumbling blocks:

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Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

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Photo Credit : Johan Joubert

And just so, you know… I am talking about water… why you should be drinking more water.

Yesterday I started a 5-week health challenge. 

This week’s goal besides working out is, drinking enough water a day. It said we have to drink 64 ounces of water a day. That is actually how much a person should always have per day. You will understand more once you’ve read the stats on water and how much of a percentage of it is in our bodies. Next week, the challenge will be NO sweets. Oh, boy that one will be tough.

Health has been something I have been thinking about for awhile. I want to be in top shape, so that I can have the best life and the longest life possible. Going out and about I have seen that our world today has slightly flopped. People don’t really care about themselves as much anymore. They eat way too much. When I was in Vegas, I saw a food place called “Heart Attack Grill” that sells super unhealthy food. They actually allow people who weigh 350 lbs or more to eat free. I mean if that doesn’t frighten you the name of their burgers (Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple Bypass Burger) and what they use to make their shakes sure should (they use butter… in shakes… -_-). Just the thought grosses me out.

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What To Do With The Craziness of The World?

Our World…

Being a creative and compassionate person, I sometimes find it difficult living in this time and age. Do you ever feel that way too, sometimes?

I once walked into a Michaels Art Store and there were so many things jumping out at me. Not literally, but there were so many colors and objects that in a way fought against each other. My senses were put on overdrive. Bright colors were bursting out at me from the shelves. Other shelves were crowded with an assortment of things. On the top shelves of the yarn department, in the back there were buckets and ceramic planters stacked on top of each other. Yes, that walk through Michael’s wasn’t that inspiring. It was more mind boggling and tiring than anything else.

It seems that is how it is with our world today too. Just like my Michaels experience, The News and Radio stations are always reporting on small issues like what Kim Kardashian is doing this week. Then, they are also reporting on issues of larger importance that need to be solved. Like what we will do about Benghazi and who is to blame. Abortion Doctors who are getting away with murder. (Sad, that this play on words is, quite the truth.) Then the President, doesn’t want people calling the Boston bombers, Terrorists because it isn’t politically correct.

These are all topics I could go on and on about, but I don’t want to throw so many things in the second paragraph. All these things leave me feeling like our world is going into a sink hole and it leaves me with a serious question.

What can I do?

What can little ole’ me do in this big confused world?

Do you ever feel this way too?

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The Problem with Self Editing

Please welcome my friend, Erin Healy to the blog today. She is a novelist and an editor of novelists (owner of WordWright Editorial Services). She lives in Colorado Springs with her family, her style manuals, her red pens, and many of her editorial colleagues. Follow her here: www.erinhealy.com

Today I received this e-mail query from the editor who’s neck deep in my latest manuscript: “Erin, can the principal be named Walter rather than Walters, so’s we can avoid the whole ‘Mr. Walters’s office’ bit? Or are you feeling defiant and thumbing your nose at 7.16?”

Yes, she really did write “so’s.” We editors do thumb our noses at convention when we can.

The 7.16 reference is to a Chicago Manual of Style rule, which says an S should be added to the possessive form of proper names ending in an S, X, or Z. In other words, I should have written Walters’s, even though it looks and sounds bad. Instead I wrote Walters’, reflexively following a different rule I had learned in college. Of course, I should have known better.

I hear you yawning over this triviality of correct punctuation. Don’t fall asleep yet. There’s something here for you about self editing and the importance of having an editor.
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Why You Should Write With More Conflict

Do you like TV Shows?

I believe that tv show writers are some of the best writers out there. Have you ever wished that you’d be as good of a writer as some of them?

Do you want to write so well that you pull your readers into the story from the VERY BEGINNING without them knowing?

If you answered yes, I know a few pointers that may help you! Click to Continue

Short Story – The Collectibles

The Collectibles – a Short Story

The Collectibles, Short Story, Writing, Writer, Blog, Blogging, Devin Berglund
Devin Berglund
Four were still needed to complete his collection. He had already collected a few. They looked at him from on top of his desk. He gently tapped each of them on the head with his crooked finger. Their heads bobbed back and forth to life until they weren’t moving anymore. He laughed and grabbed his white phantom mask and his black cape before leaving the house.

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Thoughts on Peace Over The Past Week

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” -Matthew 5:14-15

How To Peace (& yep, I meant that kind of peace!) Together a Broken WorldSouth Africa, Peace, Travel, Mountain, Writing, Love, Long Distance Relationships, Christmas, Devin Berglund

This post was hard to write. Sometimes words come out of me so easily, but then other times when tough things happen it’s like my words sizzle into nothing like water on scorching hot rock. They disappear. Click to Continue

4 Reasons Why You Should Implement ‘The Golden Rule’ into Your Life

Tess in her Good Ole' Days

My mom told me a story about when I was little – I hadn’t remembered it.

I was about 8-years-old when it happened. There was a girl who was a little older than me. She girl was being picked on. Older kids were throwing sticks and stones at her while calling her mean names. I walked over to this group and told them to stop it. My mom told me that the kids stopped when I told them to. When I heard this story about myself as a young child – I was happy that even though I hadn’t remembered it, I  had made a difference in that girl’s life at that moment.

I guess that is always what kind of a person I’ve been. Where ever a person was being picked on I’d have a huge sense of conviction. That I needed to help them. And, I bet you can imagine, that didn’t exactly make me popular. It didn’t. And I got my share of bulling as well. There were definitely moments I had hoped someone would have stepped in like I had so many years before for that other girl in the park. Click to Continue